The Real Competition For Disney+ Will Be Hbo Max
Credit: HBO

Disney+ may want to be the numero uno streaming service, but Netflix currently sits on that throne. While everyone watches this cat-and-mouse fight it out, no one’s spotted pet control in the corner. Otherwise known as HBO Max.

In a battle of new creative might, Netflix wins. And before you start, yes they do! Yet, they’re destined to fail in the back catalog department.

Disney too reliant on their back catalog

Disney+ launched with The Mandalorian and Lady and the Tramp. I’m a huge Star Wars geek, and The Mandalorian is everything I wanted, despite being short and split weekly. Is this all Disney’s got?

Compare it to Netflix, which puts out new content in a way that literally killed cable TV. This week alone they’ve announced Beverly Hills Cop 4 and a SpongeBob spin-off. Not to mention they dropped Dolamite, The Crown, and more.

So while Netflix is a freight train, Disney has its feet up. They’re chilling knowing they have the back catalog and intellectual properties to take down Netflix.

Where HBO stands in this tug-of-war

It’s clear that some of the big streaming services are chasing the family or household dollar. It’s a marketing tactic that products have done for years. Target who controls the household expenditure.

You can see this by looking at Apple TV+ or the HBO Max Originals that got announced.

It’s a smart business decision, but it misses one-third of the streaming audience: Men. Who is targeting me?

This is where HBO Max’s back catalog leapfrogs Disney+ and Netflix.

Different services for different audiences

First, I’m not saying women don’t like The Wire, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire, etc. They’re great shows for adults.

What I am saying is that at some point the pants have to come off, the remote hogged, and something with b*lls watched. HBO Max’s back catalog gives that option. Disney+ doesn’t.

Streaming services that forget about adults — and men — will miss out on a big chunk of subscription money.

This gives HBO Max a huge opportunity. It’s the reason why HBO Max will be Disney+’s biggest competition.

The question is, what comes first: The back catalog or the egg (hatching new shows)? In my opinion, it’s the egg!