Reported Apple Tv+ Bundle Is A Convenient Cord-Cutting Trend
Credit: Apple TV+

Apple TV+ is reportedly ready to offer a bundle with its new streaming service that features Apple News+ and Apple Music.

Bloomberg reported on this considered development, and it’s an initiative becoming more commonplace in the cord-cutting era. It’s less reactionary and more consumer-friendly — and long-term savvy.

Amazon indirectly pioneered this movement

No one can deny how innovative Amazon has been in establishing itself as a multinational giant across multiple industries. Amazon Prime Video is one of many benefits Prime members enjoy for an annual subscription.

No other streaming giant can really compete with the offerings Amazon Prime Video features by proxy. However, this move by Apple TV+ could well portend things to come.

But it also may be a direct result of what its fellow November launcher Disney+ is currently offering.

The dynamic Disney+ package

Apple TV+ is only $4.99 per month, so it’s cheaper than the Disney+ initial rate of $6.99/month. That said, Disney acquired full control of Hulu thanks to its acquisition deal with Comcast. The Mouse House already owns ESPN as well, including its exclusive streaming service, ESPN+.

Get this: Disney is offering Disney+, the basic Hulu package and ESPN+ at a rate of only $12.99 per month. While Disney can’t offer the versatility of an Amazon, it is distinguishing itself from the chief competition, the streaming golden standard Netflix.

Apple’s media versatility provides an edge

Since computers were introduced, Apple has been on innovative technology’s cutting edge. This situation is no different. Even before this bundle situation was conceived, Barclays estimated a 100 million-member subscriber base for Apple TV+ within a year.

Tacking on customers of Apple Music, which is over 60 million subscribers itself as of June, and Apple News+ consumers will only bolster Apple TV+’s promising prospects.

Apple’s in-house smartphones are among the most coveted gizmos in the world. Premium news access, top-tier streaming content and wide-spanning music access gives customers a one-stop shop for everything.

So, it wouldn’t be surprising to see similar consolidation across the cord-cutting realm out of sheer convenience. That could lead to Disney, Apple and Amazon standing alone as the “Big Three,” leaving Netflix out in the cold.