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Mistakes Caught In Historical Films
If you’ve ever noticed a pair of sneakers hidden in a movie set hundreds of years prior, check out these other 10 mistakes caught in historical films.
Funniest Quotes From 90S Comedies, Unsplash
Want to explore why the 90s was the funniest decade? Check out the best quotes from 90s comedies that will have you laughing through the movie.
Movies Like Legally Blonde, Mgm Distribution Co.
Want more movies like Legally Blonde that show a different side of basic stereotypes? Check out these great recommendations.
Gymnastics Movies
While gymnastics is fun in real life, you can enjoy tumbling and competitions from your couch. Stream one of these 10 best gymnastics movies now.
Best Mystery Hallmark Movies
If you want to explore what else Hallmark has to offer other than romance films, try watching these twelve best mystery Hallmark movies.
Syndication: Usa Today / Best Steve Martin Movies
Appearing recently in Murders in the Building, Steve Martin has had a prolific career as an actor. Check out the 12 best Steve Martin movies here.
Nicholas Sparks Movies On Amazon Prime, Google Commons
Explore new romances and dramas this weekend by hunkering down and watching the best Nicholas Sparks movies on Amazon Prime.
Movies Like Get Out
If you’re interested in other psychological thriller films with unique undertones like Us or Nope, try out these twelve movies like Get Out.
Syndication: Usa Today / Best Jamie Lee Curtis Movies
If you enjoyed Curtis in the 1978 film Halloween, make sure to check out these twelve Jamie Lee Curtis movies for your next movie night.
Movies Like Good Will Hunting
From geniuses to struggling youth or finding connections in unlikely places, here are 12 movies like Good Will Hunting that you’re sure to love.
Old Hollywood Actresses
If you enjoy watching films from the 1920s through the 1960s, or learning about leading ladies, check out these fifteen Old Hollywood actresses.
Best Chef Movies
If you want to enjoy masterful cooking without leaving the comfort of your couch, try watching these 12 best chef movies before cooking your meal.
Movies Like Coyote Ugly, Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Put a pep in your step by jamming out to dance musicals, such as these movies like Coyote Ugly.
Best Actors From Pretty In Pink
If you are a fan of the coming-of-age film Pretty in Pink, check out our selections for the best actors from Pretty in Pink ranked by their performance.
Best Titanic Documentaries
April 14th and 15th of 1912 will be marked as the days the Titanic sank to the bottom of the […]
Movies Like Roadhouse
If you’re looking for films where one man must fight against a group of bad guys, check out these other twelve movies like Roadhouse.
Korean War Movies
Several films have been made in the years since the Korean War, and we have selected the eleven best Korean War movies for you to stream.
Best Netflix War Movies
If you are a war movie junkie and have Netflix, check out these twelve best Netflix war movies, based on true and fictional stories, to binge right now.
Syndication: The Commercial Appeal / Best Austin Butler Movies
If you enjoy watching Austin Butler as a lead or supporting character, check out these twelve best Austin Butler movies, including Elvis and Dune.
Weird Movie Quotes, A Few Good Men, Credit: Columbia Pictures
From cult classics to successful franchises, these weird movie quotes will leave you guessing the meaning or the need to have them in the script.
Movies Like Top Gun
If you haven’t gotten over your Maverick obsession or want to enjoy more pilot films, make sure to check out these twelve movies like Top Gun.