Disney+ And Netflix
Credit: Disney+ and Netflix

It’s been a ferocious few months for streaming platforms as everyone jostles for a seat at the table. Disney+ and Netflix are really going for it, though.

Other new competitors are snatching up massive exclusives away from Netflix and Co. as it is. But despite losing top shows, it’ll be Disney+ causing Netflix the most trouble.

How can we be sure?

Disney’s banned Netflix ads on everything but ESPN and they’ve pulled all Marvel content. The mouse has the Big N in sight!

A sign of things to come?

Netflix spent $1.8 billion on ads in 2018. It’s hard to imagine Disney wanted less of that pie out of the goodness of their hearts.

From afar, it looks like a petty move — especially as Disney only banned Netflix and no other competitors.

So what’s going on? Some say it’s because Amazon and Apple can promote Disney, but it’s more likely a power play.

Amazon and Apple are behemoths. They’re multi-service companies that Disney cannot take down by attacking content. Netflix is vulnerable to such an attack. They already spend double what they earn yearly, and losing shows hurts market value.

Disney has already proven they’re in the streaming market to win and will spend big to do so. Their $71.3-billion 21st Century Fox buyout backs that up.

So could this be Disney’s plan? Make life difficult for Netflix? Drive their market value down and turn then pounce? It’s the quickest way for Disney to dominate the streaming market: Buy Netflix!

What can Netflix do?

They’ve already taken Game of Thrones show creators from Disney in a $200-million deal.

Outside of snatching creative talent, it’s hard to imagine how Netflix can compete with the likes of Disney for the long haul. Exacerbating matters are NBC’s Peacock and WarnerMedia’s HBO Max ripping at their library, too. Those streaming services launch in April and May respectively.

As a platform, Netflix relies on funding new shows that grab the attention of an audience. They need more Stranger Things-level successes to keep the Mouse at bay.

Luckily, a potential hit may well arrive in December. Check out The Witcher trailer below.