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On Friday, November 1, Apple TV+ officially launched into the streaming landscape. There will be plenty of content upon its release, but how about taking a look ahead at the best 2020 Apple TV+ movies?

Apple’s brand-new streaming platform is making a heavy investment in original TV programs. That allows for a longer narrative and greater character development when pulled off well.

But Apple TV+ is also venturing into films and has already opened its debut feature as a distributor this month with the acclaimed documentary, The Elephant Queen.

Here’s a look at some of the most exciting projects on Apple’s expected 2020 original movie slate.

The Banker

This drama starring Samuel L. Jackson and Anthony Mackie hits select theaters December 6 before streaming on January 31, 2020.

Here’s a quick summary of the premise:

This film tells the true story of two 1950’s African American entrepreneurs, Bernard Garrett and Joe Morris. The duo recruited a working class white man, Matt Steiner, to pose as the head of their business empire while they posed as a janitor and a chauffeur.

Nicholas Hoult plays the Matt Steiner character. This seems like a rich story filled with magnificent potential in terms of social commentary and caliber of acting.

There isn’t a trailer available so close to the film’s release. Perhaps a stronger marketing push will happen once Apple TV+ goes live.

Super fun fact, by the way: former All-Pro NFL cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha is a producer on The Banker. What’s more unbelievable: that I spelled his name correctly on first pass, or that this is an actual fact?

Turns out, Asomugha has been at this for several years as a producer and actor. He’s married to Kerry Washington, too. Wow. Alrighty then!

Hard not to like The Banker director George Nolfi, too. His directorial debut was the underrated Matt Damon and Emily Blunt vehicle The Adjustment Bureau.

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On the Rocks

Writer-director Sofia Coppola is an Oscar winner, yet hasn’t had a massive feature-film success in recent years. At least on paper, On the Rocks seems like it could trend in that direction.

Coppola’s latest offering stars her frequent collaborator Bill Murray, along with Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans and Jenny Slate. A brief synopsis from Deadline, centering around the characters played by Jones and Murray, reads: “A young mother […] reconnects with her larger than life playboy father on an adventure through New York.”

On the Rocks marks the first movie in the multi-year partnership between A24 and Apple TV+. The former is an indie entertainment company that’s facilitated some incredible works in recent years. Don’t be surprised if this year’s Uncut Gems and The Lighthouse receive Academy Awards buzz.

Apple TV+ is wise to tie its wagon in part to A24. With a singular creative mind like Coppola at the helm, this has all the makings of something special, albeit under the radar at this point.

A release date has yet to be set, but be excited for On the Rocks sometime next year.

Toxic Labor

Oprah Winfrey is another high-end creative talent Apple has signed to a multi-year contract. This documentary is first up among the projects she’s developing.

Per Deadline, Toxic Labor will deal with the subject of workplace sexual harassment and assault. Winfrey explained that she wanted to illuminate this issue, raise awareness and help promote change for the better.

Oprah has accomplished so much in so many different media arenas, so it’s only fitting she’s making her mark for Apple’s fresh streaming initiative.

Details about this project are sparse other than the subject matter. However, with the unique platform Oprah has and the wide-ranging viewership she can reach, this is the type of film that could indeed affect positive change.

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A Christmas Carol

And to wrap up this collection of best 2020 Apple TV+ movies — pun intended — let’s turn our attention to a probable December release.

Yes, it’s a fresh adaptation of the Charles Dickens classic, and it’s a musical! Starring modern comedy giants Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

We all know Ferrell takes any opportunity he can to sing — even outside his starring roles! But in Step Brothers, for example, he had the voice of Jesus mixed with Fergie. That almost sounds like an absurd line Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool might say.

This Christmas Carol is almost guaranteed to be a riot. It has to be that Ferrell will suit up and get his curmudgeon on as Ebenezer Scrooge. It’ll be fun to see how Reynolds plays off him.

Will this be a straight-up parody? Are the two funny gents going to play it straight and serious to hilarious effect? The unpredictability factor makes this especially compelling.