Apple Tv+ Better Than Disney+ For New Content
Credit: Apple TV+

I was an Apple TV+ hater and Disney+ fanboy at the start of the month. Waiting for Disney+ was tough.

So, it comes as some surprise to me that I can say this: Apple TV+ is better than Disney+.

I’m not saying it lightly. It physically hurts as a Star Wars fan and I’d understand if you must jump ship. Before going overboard, check out these lists for the best of’s instead!

If you’re still here, thanks for giving me a chance to explain.

We can all agree that Apple TV+ isn’t churning out all great content. Most of it is absolute propaganda and pandering nonsense.

I like my entertainment, entertaining. You know what I mean.

Why Apple TV+ is better

Two things to get straight.

  1. I’m enjoying The Mandalorian. That show alone is $6.99 well spent, but that’s all I’m getting for my money.
  2. I’m getting more new exclusives for my $4.99 buck with Apple TV+.

Maybe, at some point, I’ll rewatch Clone Wars or The Simpsons, but right now I have no interest. I have most of it on Blu-ray or in box sets that are untouched by Disney+’s meddling hands!

It’s a double-edged sword. Their stuff’s usually so good I watch it or buy it when it first comes out. Now, I don’t need to. Disney+ is out, but I’ve virtually completed Disney’s catalog. That is, until whenever new stuff arrives.

So now, I’m only waiting for a 27-minute episode of The Mandalorian weekly — and I’m bored.

“See” is surprisingly good

Don’t laugh at me, but See is my go-to show each week at this point.

Once again, this hurts, but I’m looking forward to that more than The Mandalorian right now. It’s sickening and I disgust myself.

It was the big reveal in “Chapter 1” of The Mandalorian that did it for me. It didn’t excite me or tantalize me. I’m left loving the show, not because of the story but because it’s Star Wars.

See on the other hand has captured my interest.

It’s a ridiculous premise and the first 10 minutes aren’t good. The rest of it has been extraordinary. Not always believable, but entertaining in a way I didn’t think Apple TV had in them.

It shouldn’t surprise or disgust me this much. I’m a huge fan of Peaky Blinders, and See is created by the same guy, Steven Knight.

What’s more surprising than See, is The Morning Show. It’s not the pandering AAA, look-at-me trash I thought it was going to be. It’s engrossing. I had no idea Jennifer Aniston could act.

That’s two shows Apple has that fill around 100 minutes weekly with fresh content. Disney has 30 minutes.

That’s the key thing for me: What’s new? What are you giving me that I haven’t seen? And for now, Apple TV+ wins.