Shows Like Modern Family
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Modern Family is told from the perspective of an unseen documentary filmmaker giving a glimpse into family life, and providing a hilarious yet eye-opening perspective into the struggles they face. Between family dynamics and outside forces, this show has proven that audiences like to watch families grow together despite their differences. If you are a lover of this sitcom, check out fifteen other shows like Modern Family that we found to give you that funny yet heartwarming glimpse into other people’s lives.

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15. Fuller House, Netflix (2016-2020)

Our first selection on the shows like Modern Family list is a spin-off of the famous sitcom Full House, this one called Fuller House. Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber are among some of the original cast members who have returned to star in the spinoff. D.J., who is now a widow and a mother to three sons, has returned to live in her childhood home, alongside her sister Stephanie and lifelong friend Kimmy Gibbler, who is also a single mother. The three women will go through the trials of life together, and give new life to its 80s and 90s origins.

IMDb score – 6.7/10

14. Full House, Hulu and MAX (1987-1995)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
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In Full House we get to see the origins of the Tanner family in one of the most popular 80s and 90s sitcoms. The show begins when Danny Tanner’s wife dies, and the San Francisco sportscaster gets help in the form of two new roommates to help raise Danny’s daughters: D.J., Stephanie, and Michelle. His two roommates happen to be brother-in-law and party boy Jesse, and his stand-up comic friend Joey. This leads to a great mashup that shows the power of blended families.

IMDb score – 6.8/10

13. Two and a Half Men, Peacock and Philo (2003-2015)

Whenever I went over to my grandparent’s house, Two and a Half Men would always be on the TV right before I went to bed. This American sitcom aired for twelve seasons and 262 episodes, originally starring Charlie Sheen, Jon Cryer, and Angus T. Jones. In the show, a hedonistic jingle writer Charlie Harper must now deal with his uptight brother Alan and Alan’s son Jake when he moves into Charlie’s house after Alan gets divorced. The ending result is a hysterical balance between uptight and loose behavior, and lots of pranks on all three men in the show.

IMDb score – 7.1/10

12. Black-ish, Hulu and Disney+ (2014-2022)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
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While Modern Family is trying to navigate a multi-racial family, Black-ish is trying to make sure that their cultural identity does not get wiped away. Dre, an upper-middle-class man, has a beautiful wife named Rainbow and four kids who live in a classy neighborhood. It’s not until he questions if his “blackness” is being assimilated that he requires the help of his father to create an ethnic identity for himself and his children, so they can honor their past while looking to the future.

IMDb score – 7.3/10

11. Young Sheldon, Netflix and MAX (2017-2024)

Any lovers of the show The Big Bang Theory should definitely check out the new spinoff Young Sheldon. Instead of seeing brilliant Sheldon Cooper at his finest, you will get to see him as a child trying to find his way in a world that prizes church and football — East Texas. Along with Sheldon trying to navigate the world, we will also get to meet his normal family, and see how they each deal with the eccentric genius.

IMDb score – 7.6/10

10. The Middle, MAX and Peacock (2009-2018)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
Credit: IMDb

If you’re looking for a quirky family that gets through life with a sense of humor, try out the show The Middle. The Heck family is led by Frankie Heck, a middle-aged, middle-class, and middle-American mom. She tries to use humor to lead her family through life, while her unflappable husband Mike is a manager at the local quarry. Her biggest challenge will be her kids; her oldest son Axl is an obstinate young man, her awkward daughter Sue cannot find her niche, and her youngest son Brick’s best friend is his backpack. Join the journey of the Heck’s through life in this hilarious sitcom.

IMDb score – 7.7/10

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9. The Goldbergs, Hulu and Apple TV (2013-2023)

Take a time machine back to the 80s in The Goldbergs, where geeky 11-year-old Adam uses a video camera to document his family’s crazy life. Meet his mother Beverly, who is overprotective and lacks boundaries, and his dad who happens to have a temper and cannot seem to parent without yelling. Adam has two siblings to deal with too — older and terrifying sister Erica, and older brother Barry who struggles with middle-child syndrome. Follow this high-strung family and enjoy the various bumps in their chaotic lives.

IMDb score – 8/10

8. Kim’s Convenience, Netflix and Sling TV (2016-2021)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
Credit: Rotten Tomatoes

If you still want a sitcom but with a different lens on the characters, take a look at Kim’s Convenience. The show is based in Toronto and focuses on a Korean-Canadian family who runs a convenience store. While trying to deal with customers, the family must also contend with each other’s antics and the evolving world around them.

IMDb score – 8.2/10

7. Malcom in the Middle, Hulu and Sling TV (2000-2005)

If you want the dictionary definition of the word “dysfunctional,” you might find the show Malcolm in the Middle on the page. Even though they are dysfunctional, it makes for a funny show that highlights how family can still come together even with their differences. In the show, you will meet mom, dad, oldest son Francis, Reese, Dewey, and young Jamie. Oh, and of course the middle kid Malcolm, who gives the narrative for his life amongst his crazy family.

IMDb score – 8.2/10

6. Schitt’s Creek, Prime Video and Hulu (2015-2020)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
Credit: IMDb

Schitt’s Creek is a fan favorite, so if you haven’t been able to watch this hilarious comedy yet, you might want to add it to your list. In the show, wealthy couple Johnny and Moira suddenly find themselves completely broke, and now only have one remaining asset — a small town called Schitt’s Creek. Bought years earlier as a joke, the couple must give up their flashy life for newfound poverty with their two spoiled children, and learn how the other side lives in this memorable sitcom.

IMDb score – 8.5/10

5. Parks and Recreation, Peacock and Philo (2009-2015)

Parks and Recreation is another one of those sitcoms that everyone has at least heard of before. Featuring Leslie Knope, a midlevel bureaucrat in Indiana, who hopes to change her town for the better, there is a lot of red tape she must cross to get there. From oafish bureaucrats, selfish neighbors, and a myriad of other challenges, her first project to convert an abandoned construction site into a community park is turning out to be harder than it looks. Of course, there are plenty of funny moments to keep you laughing, and even though it isn’t directly a family, these characters must come together to fix their town for the better.

IMDb score – 8.6/10

4. The Simpsons, Disney+ and Hulu (1989-Present)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
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Still producing new episodes since being first released after thirty-four years, The Simpsons is a staple animated sitcom that has entertained the young and old for decades. The satiric show focuses on the Simpson family in the town of Springfield, and their many crazy antics. Other members of the family include matriarch Marge, troublemaking son Bart, overachieving daughter Lisa, and baby Maggie, along with a plethora of other characters that live in the town and interact with the family.

IMDb score – 8.7/10

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3. This is Us, NBC and Hulu (2016-2022)

A heartwarming – and heartbreaking – drama emerged in 2016 and stole our hearts for six seasons, titled This is Us. In the show, Jack and his wife, pregnant with triplets, have just moved into their new home in Pittsburgh. Another character appears in television actor Kevin, who is growing bored of his bachelor lifestyle, and then we meet Randall, a businessman trying to raise a family. This group of people may at first be seemingly random, but later their lives will intertwine in unexpected ways that will keep you glued to the TV for hours until its heartfelt conclusion.

IMDb score – 8.7/10

2. Arrested Development, Netflix and Prime Video (2003-2019)

15 Shows Like Modern Family
Credit: Netflix

Another classic dysfunctional family sitcom is Arrested Development, where Michael Bluth is forced to stay in Orange County and run the family real estate business after his father is sent to prison for committing a white-collar crime. Now, Michael must juggle the wants and needs of his family while still trying to be a role model for his teenage son George Michael.

IMDb score – 8.7/10

1. The Office, Peacock and Apple TV (2005-2013)

A U.S. adaptation to the British original, The Office is a mockumentary that follows employees at a paper company in Scranton, Pennsylvania. One of the most well-loved series on our shows like Modern Family list, it isn’t directly connected to a family, but the paper company’s employees will become your own family as they wind themselves into your lives. With notable characters such as Jim, Pam, and Dwight, you will never get tired of this hilarious sitcom.

IMDb score – 9/10

Though not all of these shows are completely focused on blood-family relations, there is a loose definition of family in each of these shows, as people are brought together based on shared experiences. If you enjoy this subgenre of comedy, add these shows like Modern Family to your streaming list so that you can continue to laugh and love many versions of TV families.