Best Episodes Of Schitt'S Creek
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It’s a bittersweet moment when our favorite show has its last season, and watching the last episode feels so final. But thanks to streaming services like Hulu, we can rewatch all our favorite series like Schitt’s Creek. Check out our list of the top twelve best episodes of Schitt’s Creek, and take some time to rewatch your favorite sitcom. Warning: Spoilers Ahead!

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What Is Schitt’s Creek About?

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
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Schitt’s Creek ran from January 2015 to April 2020, with 6 seasons and 80 episodes. The main premise of the show follows the wealthy Rose family who suddenly finds themselves broke. The only asset they are allowed to keep is a small town called Schitt’s Creek, which Johnny Rose bought years earlier as a joke. Taking their two spoiled children with them, Johnny and Moira must learn how to live a completely different lifestyle and learn how to come together as a family.

Best Episodes of Schitt’s Creek Ranked

12. “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose” (Season 14, Episode 13)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: IMDB

An extra thirteenth episode of Schitt’s Creek comes in the form of “Merry Christmas, Johnny Rose.” This is the only Christmas themed episode of the series. In the episode, Johnny wants to celebrate the holidays with an old-fashioned Christmas Party. Unfortunately, the plan comes out last minute so Johnny has to scramble to get everyone on board. 

Fans enjoy this episode because of its holiday cheer, and the fact that it is the only holiday themed episode. It also helps that everyone coming together as a family to surprise Johnny makes the episode special in a different way. Fans will have a feel-good moment watching this episode, as it is a representation of what we all want during the holiday season – connection with others. 

11. “Housewarming” (Season 5, Episode 5)

This episode is quite fun as it shows the dynamics of both David and Patrick, and Johnny and Moira. David and Patrick are planning a housewarming party, but opinions differ as David wants a higher class theme while Patrick is leaning towards a high school sleepover theme. On Johnny and Moira’s side, Johnny volunteers to babysit after being hurt about not being asked. Moira and Johnny put their childcare to the test, as they never raised their own children from a young age. 

There are several fun moments in this episode that fans enjoy. The biggest two are when Alexis and Patrick kiss to “prove” a point to David, and how Johnny and Moira struggle to take care of a child. Both are awkward and hysterical, and really give the episode a boost into the better Schitt’s Creek episodes. 

10. “Singles Week” (Season 4, Episode 12)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: IMDB

This is a big moment for several characters in the series. Jocelyn’s baby has been born, Moira and Alexis are setting up a singles night, and Patrick says “I love you” to David for the first time. Ted also makes an appearance in this episode as he listens to David’s stress about Patrick’s declaration, and David helps Ted with his broken relationship with Alexis. 

Of course, fans love this episode for the emotional growth of the characters, and the heart-to-heart conversations they have with each other. They are trying to find what makes them happy, and how to deal with big feelings that come up in their relationships. 

9. “Meet the Parents” (Season 5, Episode 11)

“Meet the Parents” is a huge episode not only for Patrick, but any viewer who is LGBTQIA+. David is trying to throw a surprise party for Patrick’s birthday and invites his parents, but doesn’t realize that Patrick has never told them about David being his boyfriend. This creates tension and fear that Patrick’s parents will not accept him, but they do in stunning fashion. 

Fans will love this episode for the tear-jerking delivery of Patrick coming out and comedic relief to laugh through those tears as Patrick’s father comments on David’s clothing style. The LGBTQIA+ community will also love this episode because Patrick’s parents love him unconditionally, whether or not he has a boyfriend. 

8. “The Pitch” (Season 6, Episode 12)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: IMDB

“The Pitch” focuses on Johnny, Stevie, and Roland traveling to New York for a pitch meeting. They are looking to create the Rosebud Motel Group, and have to pitch the idea to a venture-capitalist firm. 

Fans can enjoy this episode because it reminds them there is a world outside of Schitt’s Creek, and the Roses have to come face to face with this as well. It  is also a representation of where they come from to where they are now, making this an interesting full-circle moment for viewers. 

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7. “Happy Anniversary” (Season 2, Episode 13)

When Johnny and Moira go to dinner, they end up meeting two of their past friends in “Happy Anniversary.” The friends act quite snobbish the entire time and complain about the town they drove through (Schitt’s Creek) to the food and wine they are served. Johnny ends up telling them off, and declares that they live in Schitt’s Creek. This is a huge turning point for the Roses, as they enjoy living in the small town and value the relationships they have made. 

Since there is such a difference in Johnny and Moira from the first episode to now, it’s a great episode for fans to appreciate the growth of the characters. Schitt’s Creek ends up being the best thing for the Roses, and since they finally realize it, fans can rejoice and continue to watch their growth into new people. 

6. “Start Spreading the News” (Season 6, Episode 13)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: Schitt’s Creek Wiki

The penultimate episode to the finale of Schitt’s Creek, “Start Spreading the News” begins tying up the loose ends in the series. Moira gets told that she is being passed by for a revival of a hit show, while David must decide where he wants to live, as Patrick is not as keen on living in New York City as David is. 

Fans will enjoy getting all their questions answered by the actors, and figuring out where everyone is going to end up before the ending of the series. It’s these big decisions that will keep fans watching, and hoping that everyone will get the ending they want. 

5. “Life is a Cabaret” (Season 5, Episode 14)

The Cabaret is about to begin but Stevie, the star, is nowhere to be found. As the cast tries to search for her, David is also searching for the best way to tell everyone that he and Patrick are engaged. Eventually the secret gets out and everyone is happy for them, and they finally find Stevie so the show can go on. 

Fans love this episode because of the excitement at Patrick and David being engaged that still hasn’t worn off from the previous episode, also on this list. It also reveals more elaborate family connections between the Roses, and how much they have changed since arriving in Schitt’s Creek.

4. “Open Mic” (Season 4, Episode 6)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: IMDB

Ah, the “Open Mic” episode. What a perfect episode to not only show Patrick’s love for David, but their budding business as well in the Rose Apothecary. In this episode, the couple holds an open mic at their shop in order to bring in more people and business. Patrick insists on singing for David, and blows him away with his serenade. 

Fans obviously love this episode for the romantic way Patrick continues to show his love for David, and his voice really sells it. It’s also a big step in their relationship as Patrick and David get closer, and Moira approves of Patrick’s singing. 

3. “The Hike” (Season 5, Episode 13)

Well everyone is at home panicking over Johnny’s health scare, Patrick has planned a romantic picnic hike for him and David. Unfortunately, Patrick tweaks his ankle on the way up and the only way to get to the top is with David carrying Patrick on his back. The two finally make it to the top where Patrick proposes to David, who breaks down while saying yes. 

This is the crowning moment of Patrick and David’s relationship as they become fiances. Of course fans love Patrick’s soliloquy and as he chokes up in emotion, so do we. You will definitely need a tissue box next to you for this episode. 

2. “Grad Night” (Season 3, Episode 13)

12 Best Episodes Of Schitt’s Creek For Your Next Rewatch On Hulu
Credit: IMDB

There are so many great things that happen in this episode that it completely deserves the second best spot. Johnny and Stevie are celebrating the motel being fully booked, while Moira is attending Alexis’ graduation ceremony from high school. David has his birthday, but everyone seems to forget and he goes on an accidental date with Patrick, which turns out to be just what David needs when they kiss at the end of it. 

The first kiss of David and Patrick deserves a high ranking in our list, especially since fans love this episode so much. There’s nothing better than watching friends turn into possible lovers, and that is exactly what happened in this episode. It also shows that the Roses are really starting to meld with the rest of Schitt’s Creek. 

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1. “Happy Ending” (Season 6, Episode 14)

The last glimpse we get of the Rose family and Schitt’s Creek is in “Happy Ending.” David and Patrick are getting married, but rainstorms are canceling some of their plans. The family makes it right though, and the wedding goes beautifully with Moira officiating. All of the loose ends are wrapped up in a tight little bow, and it’s incredible to see how far the Rose family has come. 

Fans will cry and smile during this whole episode, as it is bittersweet to say goodbye to something so good, but seeing all of the characters find their way in life is the best type of feeling. This has to be the best episode on the list, because it shows that the Rose family overcame huge obstacles and still managed to make new incredible lives for themselves. 

FAQ About Schitt’s Creek

What is the most watched episode of Schitt’s Creek?

“Happy Ending”, the series finale of the show pulled in around 1.3 million viewers when the episode aired on television. 

What is the best season of Schitt’s Creek

Season four, as the character development and story line really grew in this season, in order to give seasons five and six the ability to shine and wrap up the whole series. You could even say that season four is the climatic point between the beginning and the ending of the series. 

What episode does David and Patrick get together?

“Grad Night” – Season 3, Episode 13

After a wonderful dinner where Patrick gives David a personal birthday gift, the two share a kiss in the car before the night is over. This seals the deal between David and Patrick, and really propels their relationship together. 

Though Schitt’s Creek has completed its series, that doesn’t mean you cannot go back and watch the whole series through again and relive your favorite moments. Make sure to keep an eye out on our best episodes of Schitt’s Creek, and enjoy the story of the Roses all over again.