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Alexandria is a News Editor, specializing in several topics ranging from travel to literature. She has written for Her Campus at Oswego, and has gotten several of her creative works published in literary magazines such as Gandy Dancer and Planisphere Q. When she's not working, you can find Alexandria reading obsessively or plotting out her next creative story.

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Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus
September 23, 2023
Check out our list of the ten best horror movies on Paramount Plus, along with others you can find on this streaming platform.
Where To Watch Top Gun Maverick
September 22, 2023
Top Gun Maverick has had a huge impact on the movie industry since its premiere. Check out our article on where to watch Top Gun Maverick.
September 19, 2023
From Hell or High Water to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, these are the best streaming services for western movies (and shows) right now.
25 Best Halloween Movies For Kids And Teens
September 18, 2023
These Halloween movies offer chills, thrills, and sometimes laughs for kids and adults. Age ranges are noted, along with where to stream.
Best Robert Downey Jr. Movies
September 18, 2023
Robert Downey Jr. is known for playing Iron Man. We created a list of the top twenty-five best Robert Downey Jr. movies and where to stream them. 
Best Thriller Tv Shows On Apple Tv
September 12, 2023
There’s nothing better than hiding under a blanket watching a thriller TV series. Check out our list of the ten best thriller TV shows on Apple TV.
American Horror Story Season 12
September 9, 2023
Back for another season, American Horror Story Season 12 has put out their trailer for Delicate, and will be the first to be based off of a book.
How To Watch Planet Of The Apes
September 2, 2023
Check out our lists to see how to watch Planet of the Apes in order and by release date, and where to stream them now.