Fell In Love With Jim Halpert And Pam Beesly
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Even the most cynical of cynics can’t say romance is dead after watching The Office. The iconic Dunder Mifflin lovebirds still captivate fans of the comedic show years later and we are here to remind you why.

First off, they started out as friends who love to chat at work. Then, they started to bond over pranks and how they both had a similar sense of humor. What started out as an innocent friendship where Pam was off limits turned into an unexpected fairy tale of modern corporate life. Here are 11 times we totally fell in love with Jim and Pam in no particular order of cuteness.

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11. Hot coals and true feelings

A work trip to the beach planned by the one-and-only Michael Scott? We’d expect nothing less than hilarity to ensue in “Beach Games.” However, the goofy episode takes a sentimental turn when Pam musters up the courage to take on one of Michael’s challenges and walk across hot coals. This small act of bravery summons new courage in Pam, and she finally tells Jim how she feels, even though he’s in a relationship with Karen. Sorry, Karen, but every fan was beyond excited when this happened. After a long road of denial, she finally admits to us and to herself that she loves Jim.

Check out season 3, episode 22 on Peacock.

10. When Jim casually but not-so-casually asked Pam out to dinner

It only took three seasons, but we cry tears of joy each time we rewatch this tender moment between our favorite Scrantonites. Pam is mid-interview with the camera crew thinking that he got a new job and wouldn’t be around the office any more. She tells us how she shot him down when she was with Roy and then he did the same to her. However, just when all seems hopeless, Jim interrupts her and asks, “Are you free for dinner tonight?” Her smile after this moment is one of the key points in which we fell in love with Jim and Pam’s relationship.

Watch “The Job” (season 3, episode 23) on Peacock.

9. Their secret wedding

We Fell In Love With Jim And Pam: The Office' Almost Threw A Horse Over Niagara Falls In Jim And Pam'S  Wedding Episode | Decider

These two deserve some time away from Scranton, but they’re definitely not getting away from those pesky coworkers. The entire gang heads up to Niagara Falls for the much-anticipated wedding in one of our very favorite episodes (episodes 4 and 5 of season 6). Amid the chaos of their special day, there are plenty of sweet moments — including the couple’s sneaky knot-tying before the actual ceremony. This makes the party of their wedding that much more special because they got to have a romantic, intimate moment with just them and the camera crew before the festivities began. It’s so romantic and their true love jumps across the camera.

“Niagara: Part 1 and Part 2” are available on Peacock.

8. When they had Cecelia Marie Halpert

In Season 6, not only do Jim and Pam get married, but they also get pregnant and have their daughter, Cecelia Marie Halpert or “Cece.” We fell in love with Jim and Pam even more in their moments leading up to parenthood. It is clear that Pam is afraid of childbirth and becoming a mother, but Jim is a supportive, strong presence in her life. There is tons of raw emotion in this episode and you can see why the two make such a stable couple.

“The Delivery: Part 1” is available on Peacock as episode 17.

7. The Dundies

11 Times We Fell In Love With Jim And Pam From The Office

Remember that time in season 2 when drunk Pam felt “God in this Chili’s tonight” and won the Dundie for “Whitest Sneakers?” Remember when drunk Pam also had her first kiss with Jim? We do too. This is one of the sweetest, earliest moments of their relationship in the show, so we have extreme nostalgia for it. Clearly, both of their emotions are heightened by the alcohol, but it also brings up true, honest feelings for each other that Pam wasn’t admitting until it happened.

The first episode of season 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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6. Their first (unofficial) date

If a first date with grilled cheese and fireworks isn’t goals, then we don’t know what is. After years of playful banter and missed opportunities, Jim and Pam finally take their first step toward being more than just friends in season 2, episode 7. Jim had to cancel plans with a friend to work late, but then he and Pam decide to head up to the roof for a quick break and office kitchen meal. However, it is clear through their flirting that neither cares about having to be there late. We truly fell in love with Jim and Pam in this moment because it’s the simple things that keep them interested.

The episode “The Client” is streaming on Peacock.

5. When Jim got Pam for Secret Santa

Our favorite Dunder Mifflin hunk purchases his (unofficial at this point) boo a teapot filled with personalized trinkets. The Christmas party takes a turn for the worst as Dwight steals the gift and plans to use it as a Neti Pot, but all in all, it leads to some pretty sweet moments. While Jim chickens out in giving her the sweet letter he planned to add inside it, she clearly loves the gift showing that he knows her super well. It is a sweet moment that predicts many more to come.

“Christmas Party” is available in season 2, episode 10 on Peacock.

4. When they co-prank Dwight

We Fell In Love With Jim And Pam: The Office&Quot; Nepotism (Tv Episode 2010) - Imdb

Jim has long been the prank master when it comes to messing with Dwight, and we know that Pam is officially his soulmate when she gets in on the shenanigans. In season 7, episode 1, Pam wants to make up for the fact that she spoiled Jim’s prank, so she pranks Dwight on her own. As a result, she traps her and Dwight in the office elevator. His reaction is priceless Dwight, which elicits nothing but smiles from Jim who clearly feels supported by Pam and her fun-loving side.

“Nepotism” is available to stream with Peacock.

3. Their secret’s out

While they’re kind of outed by Toby (ugh, Toby!), we can’t help but adore the moment Jim and Pam finally go public. After a few seasons of watching their not-so-subtle flirting, the Dunder Mifflin crew can finally confirm these two are official. Plus, everyone’s reactions are completely awesome because it was truly a long time coming.

“Dunder Mifflin Infinity” is season 4, episode 2 on Peacock.

2. Jim gets an engagement ring

Grab your tissues before you watch “Chair Model.” Jim flashes us a shot of the engagement ring he bought for Pam a week after they started dating. This is also the episode where he teases her every time he bends down to make her think that he is proposing. They are in that happy, future planning stage of their relationship at this point and we can’t help but admire Jim for being a hopeless romantic.

Watch season 4, episode 10 on Peacock to remember why you fell in love with Jim and Pam.

1. When they stick it out

In season 9, fans everywhere panicked that Pam and Jim would call it quits after all this time and many happy memories. Right before the finale, episode 25 brings their conflict to a head and Jim gives Pam a CD that shows a recap of every loving moment they shared while the documentary crew was filming. He picks Pam over his career or anything else because he remembers how much she meant to him even before they were together. Their love can make it through tough times and watching their montage of 9 seasons of special moments is enough to make anyone cry in the hopes they find someone just like Jim and Pam did.

“A.A.R.M. Part 2” is available on Peacock along with every other tender moment we fell in love with Jim and Pam on this list.