Best Cooking Shows On Hulu
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Cooking can be a comforting task to watch, and these are some of the best cooking shows on Hulu. From chefs like Gordan Ramsay to Anne Burrell, there are chefs around the world who have starred in cooking shows to either find the best chef, or to help home and amateur chefs learn new skills.

Not only is it interesting to watch exquisite meals being prepped and plated, but cooking is a skill mostly everyone has to learn at some point, so it can be fascinating learning new skills simply through the television. Hulu has a plethora of shows in their roster, and these are by far the best cooking shows to try out.

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15. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted (2019)

It’s not a mystery that Gordon Ramsay is one of the best chefs around right now. His fiery language and brutally honest way of speaking to others only makes him that more interesting and fun to watch. Thanks to this, Ramsay has honored viewers everywhere with several shows featuring him, and Uncharted is just one of the more recent ones.

In this show, fans will watch as Ramsay explores different areas of the world to search for culinary inspiration, as well as experience cultural techniques and tips on making food. Each episode has Ramsay visiting a new, remote location where he has the help of natives to harvest and prepare unique, new ingredients. This is not only a cooking show, but a unique documentary of different cultures.

14. The Baker Sisters (2017)

Sometimes watching savory meals is not really exciting after so many episodes. Thankfully, there are some amazing baking shows that will make any sweet tooth excited. The Baker Sisters focuses on baked goods around North America and even break down how these items are made.

Each episode, the sisters will explore different shops that sell these goods, and then go into a kitchen with an expert chef that explains how they are made, showing viewers easy recipes as well as different pastries, they can find in different areas of North America.

13. Cutthroat Kitchen (2013)

Cooking competitions are everywhere, especially these days, but nothing beats the brutal competition of Cutthroat Kitchen. Starring Alton Brown as the host, contestants go up against one another over three dishes, trying to prove that they have what it takes to be the next winner. But this is not a simple competition like Chopped.

Here, Alton Brown gives each contestant money where they are able to spend it on various sabotages for their competition, making it an obscure and hectic battle to the top. Not only is this incredibly entertaining to watch, as Brown does a great job at presenting the most insane sabotages, but it’s also interesting to see how chefs adapt, giving out helpful tips.

12. Gordan Food Stars (2023)

Gordan Ramsay’s name pops up everywhere when looking up cooking shows, and that’s due to how impressive his career has become. Yet again, another show featuring Ramsay as the host, but here, he is offering a winning prize amount of $250,000 as an investment to whoever wins this competition.

Adapting to the most recent trends of social media, Ramsay has collected a variety of contestants who have their own food business and are putting them up on various challenges to see who has what it takes to be his next partner.

11. Food That Build America (2019)

Best Cooking Shows On Hulu

Looking back and seeing how much progress has been made is always exciting and motivating, and the same goes for food. So much has changed in the food industry over the years, and it’ll continue to change forever. There are always improvements to be made.

And for those history buffs who are interested in where we were, or how something was really created to begin with, this is the perfect show. While it’s not a cooking competition, this cooking show documents and retells the history of how certain foods were made, like chocolate and cereal, and the war on different companies.

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10. MasterChef USA (2010) 

MasterChef is a competitive show that invites home chefs and amateurs to compete in a series of theme-based cooking.

Each round is judged based on the technique, use of ingredients, and uniqueness of dishes. The contestants are eliminated based on the judges’ feedback.

The day’s winner is announced at the end of every episode, who moves on to the next episode, and at the end of each season, a winner who takes home the title of MasterChef is announced.

9. Crime Scene Kitchen (2021)

Crime Scene Kitchen consists of twelve contestants competing in two teams to determine which dish they should make. Clues are left in the crime scene kitchen to help. It’s a different take on food competitions, but it is fun to watch. 

8. Britain’s Best Home Cook (2018) 

Best Cooking Shows On Hulu

Best Home Cook brings ten contestants from different walks of life and professional backgrounds, competing against each other.

The judges select themes for the day, with an increasing level of difficulty with every episode, thus testing the skills and creativity of the home cooks. Each week the contestants compete in three stages, making their favorite home-cooked meal, a dish using a single ingredient, and a final elimination round.

At the end of the episode, one participant gets eliminated, and so on, until the winner is the last one left. 

7. F*ck That’s Delicious (2016) 

F*ck That’s Delicious is about a Rapper and former pro-cook Act, ion Bronson is the perfect fit for a travel and food show. Bronson has a stoner affability that leads to quelling munchies worldwide as he tours. The show has a knack for bridging the food of the streets with the food of the higher classes without making one feel superior to the other. 

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6. Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back (2018) 

Best Cooking Shows On Hulu

Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back helps struggling restaurants across the United States. This is a restaurant boot camp show where Ramsay intervenes with a local restaurant business and turns things around within 24 hours. But being a perfectionist and intimidating, his methods surely scare the restaurant owner and staff.

5. Next-Level Chef (2022)

Next-Level Chef is about 15 contestants who battle in different atmospheres. Over three stories high, each floor contains a stunningly different kitchen.

The ingredients match the environment, from the glistening top floor to the challenging bottom of the basement. Ramsay believes the true test of great chefs is what they can do in the best circumstances and what kind of magic they can create in the worst. 

4. Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition (2010) 

Worst Cooks In America Celebrity Edition is about a celebrity getting a $50,000 prize to donate to the charity of their choice. The recruits are trained in various basic cooking techniques, including baking, knife skills, temperature, seasoning, and preparation. That still doesn’t help that they can be the worst cooks in America. 

3. Tasty 101 (2016) 

Tasty 101 offers tutorials from your favorite delicious, tasty recipes. Each episode focuses on one new skill or food to teach viewers how to be better cooks. It is a great show for people who are beginning to cook and need a little help in the kitchen. 

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2. Hell’s Kitchen (2005) 

Hell’s Kitchen is about a cooking competition that follows wannabe chefs as they slice and dice their way through each episode, vying for chef Gordon Ramsay’s attention in hopes of winning a life-changing culinary prize. Whoever wins gets to work at one of his restaurants as the head chef, which comes with a quarter of a million dollars. 

1. Chopped (2009) 

Chopped has four chefs who compete against each other for a chance to win $10,000. It is a one-day competition where chefs come to cook for rotating culinary celebrity judges.