Once upon a time, innocent eyes were kept away from TV brutality and cable shows had to be careful not to curse or show any sensitive subjects on screen. Yet today, with everything and everyone streaming, mature and violent TV shows are on-demand for anyone with an account to get their hands on.

So, whether you love the brutality of modern TV or shake your head at it, we know that TV show creators are pushing boundaries. Certain shows are known and revered for their violence, so without further ado, here are the 5 most brutal and violent TV show scenes out there.

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Please note that given this sensitive subject matter, please be advised before watching the scenes provided below as they are violent.

5. Game of Thrones: Prince Oberyn’s Head-Popping

Game of Thrones is definitely known for its brutal nature because it depicts a time period in which violence was much more raw and frequent. From the end of season one to the last episode of season 7, there are countless deaths and they seem to get worse as the show continues on.

Out of all of the deaths in this show, there is no other scene that comes close to the one when Prince Oberyn’s head is crushed by The Mountain. The gruesome visuals along with the element of surprise shocked audiences everywhere, especially since it seemed like Oberyn won the battle just seconds before this clip.

Once the Mountain rolls over, he thrusts his thumbs into Oberyn’s eyes and pops them into his head with pure strength. It’s absolutely gruesome and lots of blood is shed. Other tv shows might depict shootings or stabbings, but this kind of close up and bloody shot only uses pure human force. This kind of death has rarely been done making it one of the most violent TV show scenes.

If you’re ready to binge Game of Thrones, you can watch it on HBO Max, Prime, or Apple TV.

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4. Vikings: Jarl Borg Blood Eagle

Vikings is another TV show packed with brutality and bloody battles. It even shows people being cut in half with swords and skewered with spears. Still, the method of a Viking’s punishment is most brutal of all.

It’s called the Blood Eagle and it’s a kind of death in which the person is alive while the executioner cuts them open and removes their ribs. In the world of Vikings, this act is feared by all and rightfully so. The most brutal representation in Vikings was the execution of Jarl Borg.

It is a fairly long scene at four plus minutes, which makes the process particularly tedious and gruesome. The scene is regarded by many critics as the most brutal death scene on Vikings.

You can stream it and watch the full episode on Prime, Peacock Premium, or Hulu Plus.

3. Gangs of London: Crazy Farm House Shootout

Gangs of London takes Game of Thrones and surpass its non-stop brutality. In the first ten seconds of the first episode, an innocent person is hung from an unfinished skyscraper before being set ablaze and dropped. This sets the tone of what is to come.

The most eye-widening violence comes during a crazy shootout at a farmhouse. While Games of Thrones and Vikings showcase swords and shield combat, Gangs of London uses raid-style fighting and gunplay.

In the farmhouse scene, there are a lot of guns, bombs, and blood. Over the course of this one episode, the house is destroyed and bodies are cut to shreds with automatic gunfire. By the end, there are dead men and women everywhere, which ranks it third among the most violent TV show scenes.

Gangs of London is available on HBO Max, Prime, and AMC+.

2. Spartacus: Sedullus’ Face Sliding

In a series like Spartacus, violence, and brutality is a must in order to keep it authentic to the violence at that time in history. It also adds to the drama factor, making the show a must watch. The is one scene stands out in particular when we think about the most violent TV show scenes: the death of Sedullus.

This death scene shows his face cut into two with a sword. They do not cut away from the shot at all either. They show everything from blood to brain. It is one of the most horrific deaths in a TV show imaginable and genuinely nightmare-inducing.

If you are still interested in watching Spartacus after knowing this is coming, then you can stream it on STARZ, Prime, and Hulu.

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1. Sons of Anarchy: Otto Biting His Tongue Off

When you think of Sons of Anarchy, you probably don’t check the boxes for brutal, gruesome, or horrific. Yet, at the moment Otto bites off his own tongue to ensure he doesn’t give testimony to the police, those boxes are checked.

It’s definitely violent in the sense that the plot features a lawless motorcycle club that gets into selling illegal guns, but this scene took it to a new level of intensity. For fans of the show, this scene left them shocked and afraid of what might happen next.

If you want to check out the full episode, you can stream Sons of Anarchy on Hulu, Prime Video, or Apple TV.

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How Are the Most Violent TV Show Scenes Not Real?

After watching all of these violent TV scenes, it can be easy to forget that they are not real. The reason that is possible is because of the crew behind each TV series. With special effects, costumes, video editing, and props, all of this admittedly entertaining TV can be made to look so real on film.

Fake blood has been one of the most handy tools in these situations, which is evident all the way from eye smashing, head cutting, and tongue biting. While it’s very believable, it can always feel good to know that this level of brutality has been eliminated by modern society. We still have guns, war, and other violent realities that connect us to these shows in certain ways. But, for your enjoyment, all of the above were made for entertainment purposes only.