Now that the smash hit zombie TV series The Walking Dead has concluded, fans are eagerly awaiting the announced spin-off shows currently in development. With planned shows centering on Michone and Rick as well as Maggie and Negan, there is plenty for fans to look forward to.

One of these upcoming series’ is going to be completely focused on a fan-favorite character, Daryl. It will see the character washing up on the shores of France where he will struggle to survive in Paris as he pieces together his recent past. Although we can get excited to see more of Daryl Dixon, it is always fun to look back at some of his finest moments in the original show. Here we will break down, in our opinion, the best episodes of Daryl in The Walking Dead. You can stream them all on Netflix or AMC.

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10. Season 8, Episode 3 – Monsters

Monsters features a turning point for Daryl as a character, which shocked fans and showed the ways in which his challenges started to affect him. When Rick is held at gunpoint by Morales, Daryl does not hesitate to kill him, which led many to question whether this unflinching brutality was something Daryl was now willing to exact going forward. Well, in this very same episode, Daryl murders a savior who was set to be spared, cementing a shift in his character from this point onwards. 

IMDb Score – 6.4

9. Season 8, Episode 7 – Time for After

A few episodes later in Season 8, Daryl decides to leave the group, which throws them into a conflict in the process. He plows a truck straight through the base’s wall and stirs the anger of a different group of survivors. This episode shows how Daryl’s actions can have devastating consequences and explores his importance as a series staple. 

IMDb Score – 6.5

8. Season 7, Episode 3 – The Cell 

Although Daryl faces plenty of challenges throughout The Walking Dead, this episode is his greatest test yet. He finds himself enduring a rough regime as a prisoner. By showing us the hardships Daryl experiences within the cell, it makes it all the more satisfying when he inevitably attempts an escape. 

IMDb Score – 7.0

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7. Season 4, Episode 12 – Still

Following the death of Hershel, the survivors must learn to cope with this tragedy. Daryl focuses on his daughter Beth and we see that she has turned to alcohol to process the loss. This is an emotional episode for Daryl since he expresses his guilt over Hershel’s death. This TV moment tugs at the heartstrings and shows another side of his character. 

IMDb Score – 7.3 

6. Season 2, Episode 4 – Cherokee Rose 

Speaking of the emotional side of Daryl, we actually do get a glimpse of it back in season 2. When the survivors head out to search for Carol’s daughter, Sophia, and are unable to find her, Daryl presents Carol with a Cherokee Rose instead. This sweet gesture sows yet another seed for the blossoming relationship between the pair. 

IMDb Score – 7.5 

5. Season 3, Episode 9 – The Suicide King

One of the most memorable openings of any episode of the show thrusts Daryl and Merle into a fight to the death. Despite friction between the pair, we see the brothers’ relationship put to the test when it starts to create a conflict between the group. 

IMDb Score – 8.0

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4. Season 2, Episode 5 – Chupacabra 

After Daryl is knocked out while on a search for Maggie, he hallucinates about Merle who accuses him of spending more time searching for Sophia rather than his own brother. This gives an insight into the mind of the character as well as showcasing his more hardened side when he kills walkers and cuts off their ears. 

IMDb Score – 8.0

3. Season 1, Episode 3 – Tell It to the Frogs

No list of Daryl’s best moments would be complete without his debut episode. When a mysterious, badass character shows up, fans were instantly captivated by Norman Reedus’ performance. We see the iconic crossbow in action for the first time, setting up his survivalist nature that he carries throughout the show. 

IMDb Score – 8.2

2. Season 3, Episode 15 – This Sorrowful Life

We have already featured some episodes which explore Daryl’s relationship with his brother Merle. They reach a devastating climax in this classic episode from season three. It first presents the two characters showcasing the different paths that they have followed as people. When Merle shows up as a walker, Daryl must be the one to put him down in a gut wrenching scene. The photo above is just a sneak peak at the raw emotions in this episode.

IMDb Score – 8.8 

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1. Season 6, Episode 9 – No Way Out

“No Way Out” is a fan favorite Daryl episode for good reason since he is fully unleashed and kicking ass the whole way through. These moments see Daryl firing a rocket launcher at some saviors, setting fire to a pond by dumping fuel into it with a tanker, and luring the walkers to their death. Action packed, exciting and visually spectacular, “No Way Out” is the pinnacle of Daryl’s moments in the series. The IMDb score agrees.

 IMDb Score – 9.6 

Now that you have your The Walking Dead re-watching plan, you can get the history of Daryl’s story before his reboot TV show comes out. He’s certainly a pivotal part of the plot line and makes some striking moves that affect him and the audience emotionally. Out of eleven total seasons, these ten best episodes of Daryl in The Walking Dead will make you realize how horrifying living in a zombie apocalypse really is.