Best Impractical Jokers Episodes
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If you’re looking for a stupidly funny show to binge, look no further than Impractical Jokers. You may have seen this show on your TV every now and then, but if you want to watch all of the hilarious prankster moments, check out our choices for the best Impractical Jokers episodes below. The good news is the TV show is available on a few major streaming services, so it’s easy to access these laughs.

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Who Are the Impractical Jokers?

Best Impractical Jokers Episodes
Credit: IMDB

There are four original Impractical Jokers — Joe Gatto, Sal Vulcano, James Murray, and Brian Quinn. Two additional cast members appear in some of the episodes, Casey Jost and Drew Patterson, but most of the episodes include the original four cast members.

What Is Impractical Jokers About?

Impractical Jokers is about four (now three) comedians and lifelong friends that compete to embarrass each other as much as possible in general public situations with a series of outrageous dares. Each dare comes with a certain amount of points to be won, and by the end of the show the points are tallied and whoever has the least amount of points at the end of the show will receive a punishment.

Each dare is hilarious and most of the time the general public is shocked, but sometimes they play into the dare. This show is a not only a comedic series but shows just how far these jokers will go to win a dare.

Where to Stream Impractical Jokers

You can stream Impractical Jokers through three different streaming services: Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max. For Hulu and HBO Max you need to have a subscription in order to watch, but with Apple TV you can watch Impractical Jokers for free.

Best Impractical Jokers Episodes

Keep reading for our top twelve picks for the best Impractical Jokers episodes.

12. “Strip High Five” (Season 2, Episode 5)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
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In this episode of Impractical Jokers, the guys say all the wrong things while conducting sensitivity training, have unexpected celebrity sightings on the street, and are forced into being unreceptive receptionists in a busy office space. But the funniest part of the episode comes at the end when Joe and Murr are in a double punishment, where they must get people to high five them on the street. If they do not, the joker must take off a piece of clothing, so you can see how this can become entertaining very quickly.

11. “Virtual Insanity” (Season 5, Episode 15)

In episode fifteen of season 5, the jokers play a game of catch with supermarket groceries in the store, bark up the wrong tree at a pet store, and try to get stranger’s signatures for the craziest reasons. Again, the punishment for this episode is quite funny as the loser (Sal) must go into a room by himself and get strapped into a virtual reality machine and play a horror game called “Sisters.” Oh, and then the game really does turn into reality with Sal in the locked room creating a hysterical ending.

10. “X man” (Season 6, Episode 7)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
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Though this is not referring to the actual X-men, this episode is quite interesting for another reason. The guys get to compete in a first ever four-way challenge by sitting in a waiting room trying not to laugh. Then they must ask park-goers if they agree or disagree on an odd topic, and finally they try to lead a kid’s art class posing as the teacher. In the third challenge Quinn refuses to draw an “X” on one of the art pieces, and he pays big time at the end. Quinn receives the punishment for this episode, and now he must draw a big red “X” on every single one of the art pieces — yikes.

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9. “Like A Boss” (Season 7, Episode 16)

Guy Fieri fans will love this episode of Impractical Jokers. Before this guest appearance though, the jokers must act as employees in a theme park, and then go postal on model citizens who don’t realize they are part of the picture. At the end of the show Murr is the loser and must act as a new hire at tumblr and interrupt a presentation, which happens to include a facetime with Guy Fieri.

8. “Rubbed the Wrong Way” (Season 6, Episode 18)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
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This hysterical episode references Aladdin and is great for Disney fans. But first, the jokers must cruise the food court sending texts to strangers, then throw groceries and catch them. With Joe losing the first game and no one losing the second, Joe earns the punishment for this episode. He is cast as a genie for a play which sounds harmless, until you realize that the jokers have control of his harness and hit him into several of the props throughout the play.

7. “B-I-N-G-NO” (Season 3, Episode 30)

Similar to the “punny” title of this episode, you will see some BINGO for this punishment. Before that, the jokers must work in a NYC deli while doing and saying what they are told. Then they must run a popsicle cart in Union Square, again doing and saying what they are told, and this is where the first and only loser appears – Sal. For his punishment Sal must go to a BINGO hall and say “BINGO” periodically throughout the game. As the annoyance grows amongst fellow players, Sal is finally escorted out by security, still with no real BINGO.

6. “Sweat the Small Things” (Season 2, Episode 18)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
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In this episode of Impractical Jokers, the jokers must teach an art class while being told what to say and do by the other jokers. Then in a Double-Down Challenge, they all test fate with the Dartboard of Destiny at a bar, doing whatever the arrow lands on. As Sal lost this challenge, he must now face the punishment, which is presenting a stress-relieving slideshow presentation. While flipping through slides, demo videos appear where Quinn, Joe, and Murr went into Sal’s house and trashed it while Sale was on vacation. Oops.

5. “The Blunder Years” (Season 4, Episode 6)

There is a serious blunder at this end of this episode, and you will be holding your sides in laughter for sure. At the beginning of the episode the jokers must get convenience store shoppers to agree with them after being soaked by an angry customer for an unknown reason, which they must explain. Then, the jokers team up to showcase their “event planning” business at a wedding expo, while doing and saying what the jokers tell them to. With Murr losing in both categories, he is tonight’s biggest loser and is greased up in a speedo for a body-building contest. Oh wait, I meant an interview with Murr’s childhood crush Danica McKellar, which is exactly what Murr walked into.

4. “Who’s Phone is Ringing” (Season 5, Episode 11)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
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You won’t want your phone to be ringing either during this episode. In the first challenge the jokers must complete the challenge on a spinning wheel in a clothing store, and in the second challenge one “inventor” must explain a product they created to a focus group, while the “assistant” must dissuade the group from accepting it. After both challenges Sal is the loser, and must present “his book” during a reading event. Instead of the book being blank, Sal’s phone continues to go off with an annoying ringtone and is eventually taken out of the room.

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3. “The Permanent Punishment” (Season 3, Episode 26)

In this episode there is not only three losers, but the punishment is permanent. In the first challenge the jokers act as security guards at a drug store following the instructions of the other jokers. The second challenge is a head-to-head where the jokers must clip balloons onto grocery store customers. At the end Quinn, Murr, and Sal are all losers and Joe gets the opportunity to pick tattoo designs for each of them to get on their bodies.

2. “Look out Below” (Season 3, Episode 1)

12 Best Impractical Jokers Episodes And Where To Stream Them
Credit: IMDB

This episode is one of the most famous episodes, and connects to our number three best Impractical Jokers episode because of the tattoo Murr received. In the first challenge the jokers work as bellhops, then in the second challenge they must serve at a hot dog cart. In a special Double-Down third challenge the jokers go head-to-head presenting odd inventions to a focus group, trying to get the most votes. Losing in the Double-Down and another challenge was Murr, and his punishment was to jump out of a plane with a skydiving instructor, leading to his ferret skydiving tattoo in a subsequent episode.

1. “Everything’s Just Rosie” (Season 2, Episode 22)

Our top Impractical Jokers episode is “Everything’s Just Rosie.” The jokers must team up in the first challenge while taking on the lanes as humiliating bowlers, and in the second challenge they must dump as many scoops of mashed potatoes on a patron’s plate as they can. In a third challenge they must describe to a stranger what they see in the clouds, and the big loser in this episode ends up being Quinn. For his punishment Quinn must present a new technology from his company Quinndustries which is a clone of himself, and happens to be Rosie O’Donnell.

What happened to Joe from Impractical Jokers?

After his separation, Joe decided to leave Impractical Jokers in order to be with his family. He does not appear on the show after the 2021 episodes.

Is Impractical Jokers still going 2023?

The series returned for its 10th season in February of 2023, with the three main jokers and a different celebrity guest for each episode. The trio still participates in crazy dares, and the loser still receives a punishment at the end of the show.

Did the Impractical Jokers replace Joe?

No they did not. Rather than replacing Joe completely, the remaining jokers invite a celebrity guest on with them for each episode.

Though some of these dares seem weird or crazy, watching the Impractical Jokers take on the dares turns it into something hilariously funny. If you enjoy shows that make you laugh make sure to binge-watch this show on Hulu, Apple TV, or HBO Max, and bookmark our top twelve episodes to watch over and over again.