7 Best Seth Rogen Movies And Where To Stream Them

Ever since Seth Rogen started showing up in movies and television in the late 90s, he has consistently been delivering entertaining movies to the masses. Despite appearing in many movies himself, he has also been writing since he was a child, alongside his project partner Evan Goldberg.

On top of all of that, he has even ventured into directing to bring his visions to life with even more control over the creative process. Despite largely starring in comedies, Seth has also starred in a number of more serious movies that have become critically acclaimed. With so many movies to choose from, it can be difficult to pick out which of the actor’s flicks to watch next. To help ease your indecision, here we have assembled our picks for the 15 best Seth Rogen movies. 

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15. 40-Year-Old Virgin, Roku Channel (2005)

The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005) - Imdb
Source: IMDb

The title gives almost everything away that you need to know in this comedy. The 40-Year-Old Virgin stars Steve Carell as a 40-year-old who is slightly embarrassed and nervous about the fact that he is still a virgin. Seth Rogen plays one of his best friends who mocks him until it pushes Andy to finally give into his fears. Somewhere along the way, he meets a single mother who he actually really likes.

This is a classic Seth Rogen part because his character, Cal, has a boyish and immature humor that often comes up in his movies. Check out the 2000s hit below.

14. Sausage Party, Netflix (2016)

Sausage Party (2016) - Imdb
Source: IMDb

In this animated film that takes place in a grocery store, it seems impossible that it would somehow become dark and hilarious. And yet, Sausage Party shows us what it would be like if food was alive and had feelings. They want to be selected at the grocery store to come home with us only to realize that cooking is actually what ends their lives whether they are eaten or cooked by humans.

This movie stars Seth Rogen as Frank, one of the sausages who escapes to tell the truth, and you’ll easily recognize his notorious voice on screen, especially when he is cracking a joke. Sausage Party is an entertaining watch and one of the best Seth Rogen movies because of its unexpected storyline, raunchy on screen presence, and comedic edge.

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13. Anchorman, Netflix (2004)

Next up is Anchorman, which features a young Seth Rogen as Scotty the Cameraman. The movie centers around the popular California anchorman, Ron Burgundy (played by Will Ferrell), and his TV studio who has to make way for a new female lead anchor, Veronica Corningstone (played by Christina Applegate). The reporter relationships as well as the stories they report on are absolutely hilarious, making the news seem far less grim in the 70s than it is now.

This is a small part for Seth as compared to the other movies we’ve rounded up on this list, but his character is goofy and plays into the studio’s male and female relationship patterns. Plus, it’s one of the best comedy movies from the 2000s, so his cameo can’t be ignored.

12. The Interview, Prime Video (2014)

Watch The Interview | Netflix

The Interview is a comedic hit from Seth Rogen that brings levity to a normally intense and scary political topic: North Korea. James Franco plays Dave Skylark who is the host of an American TV show, “Skylark Tonight.” Seth Rogen plays his producer who gets a phone call requesting that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un be booked as a guest.

As a result, the duo travel to the dangerous nation of North Korea for the interview of a lifetime. What makes this movie one of the best Seth Rogen movies is that it quickly becomes an assassin comedy. While trying to kill for the first time and being trapped with no plot of escape, he and James Franco try to use their celebrity status and hilarious attitude to come out on top. Check out the undeniable on screen chemistry between Franco and Rogen below.

11. Pineapple Express, Hulu (2008)

Pineapple Express (2008) - Imdb
Source: IMDb

Our favorite duo comes back in Pineapple Express as Dale (Seth Rogen) and Saul (James Franco). Saul is a drug dealer and Dale is his biggest customer, especially because of the type of marijuana he sells: Pineapple Express. Things start to shake up when Dale witnesses a murder, which involves a corrupt police officer and Saul’s boss.

This story is funny, but also action-packed as the two must figure out how to outsmart this drug ring they participate in. Plus, these stoners don’t want to give up on their marijuana either.

10. This Is the End, Netflix (2013)

15 Best Seth Rogen Movies And Where To Stream Them
Source: IMDb

This is the End is a comedy in which a group of Hollywood celebrities become stuck in James Franco’s house during the apocalypse. Seth Rogen works alongside James Franco, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Danny McBride as they face the end of the world together. As they struggle to survive, they encounter terrifying events, which force them to look inwards at their morality and evaluate their friendships. As a satire of the apocalypse genre, this movie will feel both absurd and hilarious.

9. Neighbors, Peacock (2014)

15 Best Seth Rogen Movies And Where To Stream Them
Source: HBO

Neighbors is a 2014 American comedy directed by Nicholas Stoller and stars Seth Rogen and Zac Efron. The film follows a couple with a newborn baby who unfortunately move in next door to a fraternity house. The movie hilariously contrasts new parents trying to manage their lives with college kids who have no responsibilities and focus on partying. You won’t be able to look away while they try to share a community.

8. Knocked Up, Hulu (2007)

15 Best Seth Rogen Movies And Where To Stream Them
Source: IMDb

Knocked Up is a 2007 romantic comedy film directed by Judd Apatow. Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl) and Ben Stone (Seth Rogen) hookup one night and she accidentally becomes pregnant. The two move forward together as they will soon be parents and try to see if they can make their new relationship work. The film is funny while also touching upon adult realities and parenthood. 

7. The Disaster Artist, Hulu (2010)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: The Disaster Artist
Source: The New Yorker

Chances are, you have seen or heard of a movie so bad that it has amassed a cult following of dedicated fans. The Room, written and directed by a mysterious man called Tommy Wiseau, is a baffling film that is as bizarre as it is bad. Since its release, this cult following of fans attend yearly screenings of the film where they dress up as the characters, recite the lines and laugh or holler through the entire thing.

Tommy Wiseau himself even attends these screenings sometimes to address his fanbase and watch along with them. In 2017, Seth Rogen starred in The Disaster Artist, a movie about the making of The Room. Despite having potentially the worst movie ever made as its subject material, The Disaster Artist is actually incredibly entertaining. 

6. Donnie Darko, Apple TV (2001)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: Donnie Darko
Source: Us Weekly

We have already mentioned some cult classics on this list and Donnie Darko certainly fits into this category. In this mind bending movie, a teenager named Donnie (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) begins to see visions of a strange figure in a bunny costume that is telling him that the world will end in 28 days. When he returns home after a night of sleepwalking, he discovers that a jet engine has fallen out of the sky and crashed into his bedroom.

A young Seth Rogen has a minor role here as a school delinquent named Ricky, who delivers some hilarious lines despite the short appearance. Unraveling this mysterious movie is not for everyone, but there is some genuine reward in pondering the possibilities of parallel universes, mental illness, and time itself. 

5. 50/50, Prime Video (2011)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: 50/50
Source: The Atlantic

We already mentioned that Seth Rogen mostly stars in comedies and while this next entry is funny in places, it is an emotional rollercoaster. 50/50 tells the tale of a 27-year-old journalist (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) who is suddenly diagnosed with spinal cancer. Seth Rogen portrays his best friend Kyle as the pair navigate his battle with the rare disease, in an incredibly powerful and emotional movie. Exploring the power of friendship, love, and hope, it is difficult to get through this one with dry eyes. 

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4. Steve Jobs, Apple TV (2015)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: Steve Jobs
Source: Soundsphere Magazine

While 50/50 definitely has some elements of comedy, Steve Jobs is a Seth Rogen performance that is entirely serious. Famed for the success of Apple, this film tells the personal story of the company’s inception alongside his business partner Steve Wozniak (played by Seth Rogen). Showcasing both the genius of Jobs as well as his darker side, this is an excellent biopic that will leave you reconsidering everything you thought you knew about the tech giant. 

3. Kung Fu Panda, Netflix (2008)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: Kung Fu Panda
Source: Into Film

While the previous movies on this list were geared toward an adult audience, here we have a children’s movie that has become extremely beloved. Kung Fu Panda is an excellent animated comedy movie from DreamWorks that follows a clumsy panda named Po who is a super fan of Kung Fu and the legendary warriors who are trained in it.

Against all of the odds, he is selected as the fabled Dragon Warrior who is supposed to save the world from an evil force threatening the balance of peace. Alongside a reluctant cast of warriors, Po is trained in the martial arts to prepare for a battle of incredible importance. One of the warriors is a praying mantis hilariously voiced by Rogen who lends his distinctive sound to the character perfectly. 

2. Superbad, Netflix (2007)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: Superbad
Source: Vanity Fair

When Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg were 13 years old, they penned the hilarious and outrageous script for the classic comedy movie Superbad. Based on some of their own high school experiences, the movie follows a pair of unextraordinary friends who are attempting to live it up before moving on to different colleges.

Both lusting over their individual crushes and hoping to impress them, they employ the help of the eccentric Fogell aka “McLovin” to buy them alcohol for an upcoming party. Things obviously go awry and a pair of cops are drawn into the action, with hilarious Officer Michaels being portrayed by Seth Rogen himself. Kickstarting the careers of both Jonah Hill and Michael Cera, Superbad remains one of the funniest comedy movies and one of the best Seth Rogen movies ever made.

1. The Fabelmans, Paramount Plus (2022)

Best Seth Rogen Movies: The Fabelmans
Source: Time Out

From humble beginnings, it was a triumphant moment for Seth Rogen when he was cast in legendary director Steven Spielberg’s latest (and most personal) movie. Based on the acclaimed director’s life, it follows a young boy named Sammy Fabelman who falls in love with movies after an early cinema experience.

As he attempts to get into filmmaking as a young person, he must contend with the dissolving relationship of his parents, with Seth Rogen playing the pivotal role of his father’s best friend. Emotional, inspiring and insightful, The Fabelmans may just be the best Seth Rogen movie we’ve seen yet.

What is Seth Rogen best known for?

Seth Rogen is best known for his comedic leading roles in Knocked Up (2007) and Pineapple Express (2008). Both of these movies are comedies starring Seth Rogen.

What has Seth Rogen written?

Rogen is also known for his screenwriting in addition to his acting. He’s been a part of writing more than 10 films including The Interview and Sausage Party from this list. He also recently co-created and wrote the AMC TV show The Preacher.

Which animated movies use Seth Rogen’s voice?

His distinct voice is used in a number of animated movies. Notable examples from this list include Sausage Party and Kung Fu Panda. Additionally, Rogen’s voice is used as Donkey Kong in Super Mario Bros, Morton in Horton Hears a Who!, and B.O.B. in Monsters vs. Aliens.

When did Seth Rogen start comedy?

His comedic edge started from a young age at 13-years-old. He started doing stand up during that time before he landed his first role as Ken in Freaks and Geeks.

If you started this article thinking that Seth Rogen was only a comedian, you can see that is not the case. He’s actually done more serious acting than people give him credit for and written a ton of screenplays. He’s also managed to stick around in the film industry and stay relevant, which can be hard to do.

These 15 flicks are the best Seth Rogen movies we could find, but we assure you there are even more out there. Start streaming this actor’s repertoire, especially if you already subscribe to Hulu or Netflix (which most of his films happen to be on) and you’ll enjoy the range he provides.