Best Big Bang Theory Episodes
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If you are looking for the best Big Bang Theory episodes to binge this weekend, then you’ve come to the right place.

As a unique comedy that’s been around since 2007, it’s definitely got a strong following. Between the awkward encounters with Penny, to the bickering the male scientists, and roommates, have with one another, this delightful sitcom is a wonderful show to watch. Read more to find the best Big Bang Theory episodes.

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15. “The Tangerine Factor” Season 1, Episode 17

When Penny breaks up with her latest boyfriend who blogged about their sex life, Leonard asks Penny out on a real, official date. Penny agrees even though he doesn’t fit the traditional mold she has for herself. Penny decides to speak to Sheldon to get his perspective on it.

Leonard also goes to Sheldon with his worries, making Sheldon the middleman. Sheldon gives some solid advice, though, and thus begins the journey of Penny and Leonard’s crazy relationship in The Big Bang Theory series.

14. “The Lunar Excitation” Season 3, Episode 23

Throughout most of the season, Leonard is chasing after Penny, who is hesitate, but usually against it. Towards the middle, she starts dating him a bit more, and eventually, they end up doing a long-term relationship, to viewers relief.

This is one instance where Penny still doesn’t want anything permanent, but definitely wants to still be with him. During a drunken stupor, Penny and Leonard have sex, which causes just as much drama as it usually does.

This time, though, the guys are trying to get Leonard away from Penny for good by creating an on-line dating page to find him a better match. However, when Leonard refuses, the boys think about trying to set Sheldon up with someone.

13. “The Vegas Renormalization” Season 2, Episode 21

Howard’s relationship, where he recently said was just ‘friends with benefits’ and has no emotional connotation, is feeling dejected after he dumped by Leslie Winkle. When he thinks to do something fun to get over it, Leonard and Raj decide to drag Howard to Las Vegas for a weekend getaway.

However, once there, Lenoard and Raj realize they need to do more than just fun activities to help him out of his depression, so they look for professional help. All the while Sheldon, who anticipated a quiet and relaxing weekend, is stuck with Penny.

12. “The Robotic Manipulation” Season 4, Episode 1

In this episode, you’ll get a whirlwind of crazy events. Ignoring the initial image on the video above, we first need to talk about our first glimpse at iconic Amy Farrah Fowler, who will play a huge role in the later episodes as she not only is a love interest for Sheldon but is also Penny’s best friend forever whether she knows it or not.

Penny chaperones her and Sheldon’s date which makes it an amazing episode, all the while Howard is crafting a robot hand to you know, give him massages while he’s working and stuff. And some other things… as we see him shuffle off the ER. It’s a cute episode one second, and then a little disturbing the next.

11. “The Panty Piñata Polarization” Season 2, Episode 7

The guys, besides Sheldon obviously, are getting passionate about America’s Next Top Model, specifically Howard and Raj.

They start working on finding the house that homes all of the models so they can prey on the ones that get kicked off. All the while Penny decides to take a stance against Sheldon’s ‘three strikes, you’re out’ policy and try to oneup Sheldon, even when the rest of them advise her against it.

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10. “The Hawking Excitation” Season 5, Episode 11

The Big Bang Theory has featured a lot of celebrities within its show, but one of the best ones in the entire franchise is when they were able to bring in the impressive Dr. Stephen Hawking.

Of course, with a show like The Big Bang Theory, they need brilliant professors and scientists, so having Hawking appear was not only insane for the cast, but a crazy appearance for the characters within the show.

Thankfully, this is only one of the many visits that he has on the show. In this episode, you can watch as Leonard practically tortures Sheldon to do countless things in order to gain access to his hero.

9. “The Scavenger Vortex” Season 7, Episode 3

When Raj creates an intellectual scavenger hunt, the gang gets competitive. Of course, when they choose partners, Penny is left out as no one, even Leonard, doesn’t want to be with the liability.

However, with a random draw, Sheldon and Penny are paired together, and they go through the hunt with their intellectual and gut instincts working together.

It’s another great episode where we see Sheldon and Penny’s characters come to light. While being two different people, they really work together extremely well.

8. “The Staircase Implementation” Season 3, Episode 22

But how did everyone meet up in the first place? What started everything? Sometimes knowing the past is crucial to stories, especially for this sitcom.

For those wanting to know a bit of backstory, check out this episode that explains a bit more on how everyone met, and how Leonard ended up living with Sheldon. It also explains why the elevator broke down, even though it doesn’t answer why it was never fixed ever again.

Granted, it’s probably just so the directors and writers have an excuse to write some of the best dialogue as characters are walking up and down the stairs. But still, it’s been 12 seasons of no elevator. Anyway, this episode is a great to show how it all began, and to look back and see how far they’ve come.

7. “The Adhesive Duck Deficiency” Season 3, Episode 8

The relationship between Penny and Sheldon honestly make the show. While the boys bantering and being geeks are adorable and amazing, and the relationship between a stumbling Leonard and Penny is heartwarming, there’s something about Penny and Sheldon.

The two can’t be more opposite, yet their relationship is something that no one else has. And one of the beginning moments that we see this is in this episode. Penny slips in the bath and needs something to help.

Unfortunately, her hero is Sheldon, who helps her up, and is maybe a bit too intimate, and helps her to her emergency room. Their chemistry blossoms at this point, and from this point on, the two seem to get each other a little bit better throughout the show.

6. “The Stockholm Syndrome” Season 12, Episode 24

Of course, we have to put in the season finale. After twelve long seasons of glorious comedy, heartwarming moments, and weird shenanigans, it would be a tragedy not to include this episode. The season finale does a great job at sending off the beloved characters to continue down their future, leaving us crying on our couches wishing we could see more.

Sheldon and Amy become Nobel Prize Award Winners for their work, inspiring the next generation of young scientists. Somehow, Sheldon also acknowledges how selfish he can be and uses his speech to thank his friends and family who have supported him, which is huge progress considering he spent most of the season unaware of his selfish tendencies.

Penny and Leonard prepare to start their family while Howard and Bernadette struggle to leave their kids behind when trying to make a trip to Sweden. The final episode is one of the best farewells that you will get from a TV series going on for so long. They did a great job at knowing just how to wrap everything up with a bowtie on top.

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5. “The Opening Night Excitation” Season 9, Episode 11

After years of watching Sheldon and Amy’s love progress incrementally, the time had come for them to lose their virginity to one another.

It’s a scenario you rarely see on television – two individuals well into adulthood meeting at the perfect time – and the script and direction treat both characters with the deference and real affection they’ve earned.

It all comes together in the second half of the episode, as Leonard, Howard, and Raj are shown watching The Force Awakens and feel almost as nervous as their friends back home do. The entire episode is an emotional roller coaster. It’s a celebration of geek culture, of odd pairings falling in love, and of both things coexisting in people’s lives. It’s a great episode and one of the best in the series.

4. “The Flaming Spittoon Acquisition” Season 5, Episode 10

When Amy (Sheldon’s friend) joins the boys on their weekly excursion to the comic book store, she attracts the interest of Stuart, the comic book store’s proprietor.

Stuart has Leonard consult Sheldon before approaching Amy, who replies that the question is irrelevant, as Amy is a renowned neurologist who would never have been interested in Stuart.

Sheldon exhibits numerous classic indicators of jealousy after Amy dates Stuart, including stalking Stuart on Facebook, being excessively defensive, and making Amy jealous by asking out Penny. Finally, Sheldon matures and proposes to Amy.

3. “The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” Season 2, Episode 11

“The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis” is ranked as second on the best Big Bang Theory episodes list based on IMDB’s ratings. It has a 9.2/10 and shows Sheldon at his best and most enthusiastic.

Leonard is unhappy when Penny develops feelings for a gorgeous physicist at the university. Meanwhile, Sheldon is stumped as to what to get Penny for Christmas, so he goes above and beyond the duty of friendship. She ends up getting him a pretty terrific gift and Sheldon can barely handle his excitement. You can preview the episode and watch his reaction in the scene embedded above.

2. “The Barbarian Sublimation” Season 2, Episode 3

Penny has truly had it as she’s been in California for nearly two years and hasn’t landed a single acting gig. She’s in desperate need of a raise at The Cheesecake Factory and to top it all off, she informs a bemused Sheldon that she hasn’t slept with anyone in six months.

As if that wasn’t enough, her automobile key is jammed in the door of her flat. Penny stays in Sheldon’s apartment while he plays online video games. Much to Leonard’s dismay, Penny becomes entirely absorbed in the realm of multiplayer gaming and begins to neglect all of her responsibilities for this new hobby.

Penny goes from being an attractive, well-dressed waitress to swallowing Red Bulls, brushing Cheeto dust from her shirt, and rapidly tapping away on her keyboard. By the end of the episode, she is acting in a way that you’ve never seen her before and her neighbors feel the same way.

1. “The Pilot” Season 1, Episode 1

As one of the best Big Bang Theory episodes in history and a true staple in the show, the pilot lands itself as our number one rank. Leonard and Sheldon meet their new neighbor, Penny, in this episode and Leonard’s secret crush starts right away. The opening scene takes place at a sperm bank where Sheldon is preparing to donate sperm, which is funny enough on its own.

It’s a memorable episode with Penny, Leonard, and Sheldon meeting for the first time and exchanging hellos and goodbyes. Additional highlights include a MySpace reference, Howard’s Nintendo controller belt, and Penny accidentally taking Sheldon’s place.

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What is The Big Bang Theory About?

The Big Bang Theory is a comedy romance and is one of the most famous sitcoms. It ran from 2007 until 2019 with a total of 12 seasons. The show stars several well-known names like Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch and Mayim Bialik.

The premise surrounds Penny (Cuoco) who moves in across the hall from Sheldon (Parsons) and Leonard (Galecki) who are scientists employed by the California Institute of Technology along with Raj (Nayyar) and Howard (Helberg).

Penny is a waitress and aspiring actress, so the humor begins when she doesn’t understand their lifestyle or their physics-based banter. The friend group of male scientists, aside from Sheldon, happen to have a huge crush on her.

Numerous awards have been bestowed upon the series and its stars including Emmys, Golden Globes, and a People’s Choice Award.

Where Can I Stream the Best Big Bang Theory Episodes?

As of right now, you can find The Big Bang Theory on both Max and Paramount Plus. You can also pay for each season or each episode on Prime Video.

Max Subscription

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The basic plan with ads is only $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year. You’ll be able to stream on 2 devices at once with full HD 1080P.

The ad free version is $15.99 or $149.99 a year. You’ll received everything that comes with the basic plan plus the luxury of not having ads.

And the ultimate ad-free version is $19.99 a month or $199.99 a year. You’ll be able to stream 4 devices at once, 100 downloads to watch to go, plus everything included with the ad-free version.

Paramount Plus Subscription

If you want to join Paramount Plus, check here for all the details.

Paramount is only $5.99 a month for the Essential plan, or $59.99 a year. You can stream over 45,000 episodes and movies with limited commercial interruptions.

If you’re wanting Showtime as well, then it’ll be $11.99 a month or $119.99 a year. This allows you to watch ad-free, your local CBS station, plus Showtime.

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