Best War Movies On Hulu
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War and military movies are gripping, motivating, honest, and profound. Among all the best military movies, Hulu has a great selection to choose from. Digging deep into the stars, the reviews, and the section, these are the best war movies on Hulu.

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12. 1917

1917 highlights a specific date in time during World War I – April 6th, 1917. An infantry battalion comprised of 1,600 men is about to walk right into a trap deep in enemy territory, and it is up to two soldiers to race against time to stop them from all getting killed.

11. 12 Strong

12 Strong tells the real-life story of the first Special Forces team to be sent to Afghanistan after 9/11, composed of twelve men who must leave their families to protect the United States. The group of men is under new leadership and must work with an Afghan warlord so they can take down the Taliban.

10. Black Ops

Black Ops was originally titled Stairs, but no matter what the name the movie is action-packed and filled with horror that’ll make your skin crawl. A special ops squad is sent into a civil war to gain intel, but a past curse comes back to haunt them as they get trapped on a never-ending stairwell where you have to climb – or die.

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9. Maze

Maze is inspired by true events in 1983, where 38 IRA prisoners from HMP broke out of prison. This became the biggest prison escape in Europe since World War II, and is a great story to watch.

8. The East

The East focuses on a young Dutch soldier (Martijn Lakemeier) during post-World War II as he is deployed to the Netherlands’ colony of Indonesia. Ordered to suppress independence efforts by the locals, he later has to battle between duty and his own conscience after joining a ruthless leader’s squad.

7. Tigerland 

Tigerland is based on a true story about a group of draftees who get saved from Vietnam by an irreverent soldier in their ranks. They went through Advanced Infantry Training in 1971 before they headed to Vietnam. Enjoy movies based on true stories; then, you will enjoy this actual story movie. 

6. Shadow in the Cloud 

Shadow in the Cloud is about a female pilot in WWII who is traveling with top-secret documents on a B-17. She encounters an evil presence on board the flight. You will want to watch and see what kind of presence she must deal with. If you love a strong female role in a war movie with a twist, stream this movie on Hulu.

5.  Platoon

Platoon is centered around Chris Taylor (Charlie Sheen), a neophyte recruit in Vietnam. Caught between two sergeants, one good and one evil, this movie aims to show the duality of man during wartime and the cruelty of those who fight against each other.

4. Red Tails 

Red Tails is about a crew of African American pilots in the Tuskegee training program. They faced segregation while kept mostly on the ground during World War II until they were called into duty to fly. 

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3. Search and Destroy 

Search and Destroy is about an American Ranger, John Cutter fails to save a family being held hostage after a battle with a Ukrainian Arms Dealer called Igor, losing his entire team in the battle. John gets discharged from the army when he gets saved by a search party. Three years later, he gets approached to go on a secret mission when Igor resurfaces after disappearing for so long. 

2. Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor is about it’s namesake, December 7th 1941 when Japanese pilots bombed the naval base, but dives deeper into two lifelong friends and a nurse who get caught in the danger. A blend of history, romance, and war, anyone should enjoy this heart-wrenching movie.

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1. Moffie 

Moffie is about a young man in 1981 South Africa who must keep his secrecy of homosexuality and must complete his brutal and racist two years in military service. He knows he will get killed for it if he doesn’t keep his secret. This movie is a definite eye-opener on many topics. 

War movies are often full of intense fight scenes and the repetitive sounds of guns firing, but they can also hold strong emotional scenes that will leave you teary-eyed. These are just some of the best war movies on Hulu, so if you finish this list check out their whole selection.