Best Horse Movies
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Similar to Western movies, horse movies also kickstart the nostalgia of the Wild West and being free. Though quite of few of these movies instead focus on horse racing, there are a few that explore horses in the wild. If you enjoy interacting with horses or just watching them on the big screen, make sure to check out these twenty best horse movies while scrolling on your TV tonight.

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20. The Long Shot, Sling TV and Prime Video (2004)

The Long Shot Movie
Credit: Amazon

The first film on our best horse movies list is The Long Shot. A Colorado horsewoman is abandoned by her husband, and now must make a home for herself and her daughter, with nothing but a magnificent horse. She is able to find a job at a ranch, but it’s only mucking out the pens and teaching horse riding to others. But, when there’s a prospect of being able to join a riding competition with a cash prize, the horsewoman must take the chance.

  • IMDb score: 6.5

19. Black Beauty, MAX and Prime Video (1994)

Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

Based on the novel by Anna Sewell, Black Beauty is told from the perspective of a stallion by the same name. As a young colt, Black Beauty has a relaxing life in the English countryside with the kind farmer Grey. But, later in life, he is forced to work as a taxi horse in London, being poorly treated in the mucks of the city. As he grows old, he goes back to loving his owners, but in the movie, you will see that he went through several obstacles to get there.

  • IMDb score: 6.6

18. Hidalgo, Apple TV and Prime Video (2004)

Hidalgo; Best Horse Movies
Credit: Amazon

Not directly related to horses is Hidalgo, our eighteenth pick on our best horse movie list. Cowboy Frank Hopkins is an expert horseman who currently performs in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. At one of the shows, affluent Sheik Riyadh is piqued by Hopkins’ talent and challenges him to prove his worth by entering a treacherous horse race called the Ocean of Fire. Located in the Middle East, Hopkins must use his American Mustang to race against the best riders in the world, in order to save both his reputation and his life.

  • IMDb score: 6.7

17. All the Wild Horses, Sling TV and Prime Video (2017)

All The Wild Horses Movie
Credit: Amazon

All the Wild Horses is a documentary that focuses on the Mongol Derby horse race, which is the longest and toughest horse race in the world, along with being the most epic and dangerous. It weaves its way through 650 miles of Mongolian steppe, desert, and mountain ranges before finally crossing the finish line. Watch both the power of the rider and horse in this entertaining documentary.

  • IMDb score: 6.7

16. Dream Horse, Hulu and Prime Video (2020)

Dream Horse Movie
Credit: IMDb

Our sixteenth choice in the best horse movies list is Dream Horse, which shows the true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely racehorse that was bred by small-town bartender Jan Vokes. With little money or experience, Jan convinces some of her neighbors to pitch in to help raise Dream so they can compete with the elites. As Dream starts to rise through the ranks, it gives hope to the struggling community, and to Jan herself.

  • IMDb score: 6.9

15. In Pursuit of Honor, MAX and Hulu (1995)

Best Horse Movies
Credit: HBO

If you enjoy movies where the main characters do what is right, which may not coincide to what they are supposed to be doing, then check out the film In Pursuit of Honor. After disobeying orders from a Colonel, Sergeant John Libbey is sent to an American southwestern army base along with Lieutenant Marshall Buxton. Their job? Send 500 horses to their deaths, since General Douglas MacArthur believes motorized tanks have all but considered the animals useless in warfare. Instead of killing the creatures, Libbey and Buxton decide to try and transport the horses to the Canadian border where they’ll be safe.

  • IMDb score: 7

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14. Ride Like a Girl, Prime Video and Apple TV (2019)

Ride Like A Girl; Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

Ride Like a Girl is based on a true story, with real-life videos bookending the film, highlighting Michelle Payne’s inspirational story. Payne was the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015, despite facing odds of 100 to 1. The film documents her life and how she got to the point of winning.

  • IMDb score: 7

13. Palio, Prime Video and Apple TV (2015)

Palio Movie
Credit: Youtube

Our thirteenth best horse movie, Palio, is a documentary following one of the oldest horse races in the world — the Palio. The race is held twice a year in the Italian city of Siena and often can become dangerous. The documentary follows two rival jockeys in particular as they prepare to compete in the lucrative race, while also making alliances with other racers.

  • IMDb score: 7.2

12. Lean on Pete, Hulu and Prime Video (2017)

Lean On Pete
Credit: IMDb

A heartfelt journey appears in Lean on Pete, where Charley, a teen living with his single father gets a job caring for an aging racehorse Lean on Pete. When Charley finds out that Pete is bound for slaughter, the two embark on an odyssey across the American frontier, looking for a place to call home. Make sure to have your tissues out for this one.

  • IMDb score: 7.2

11. Secretariat, Disney Plus and Apple TV (2010)

Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

The Secretariat shows that just anyone can become a successful horse owner, and achieve greatness with the right horse. Despite Penny’s lack of experience, she agrees to take over management of the family’s Thoroughbred farm when her father becomes ill. As she tries to navigate the male-dominated world of racing, Penny, alongside veteran trainer Lucien Laurin, fosters a gifted colt who later becomes the Triple Crown Winner in 1973.

  • IMDb score: 7.2

10. War Horse, Prime Video and Apple TV (2011)

War Horse; Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

We have broken into the top ten of our best horse movies with War Horse, which came out in 2011, revealing how strong a bond can be between horse and human. Albert and his horse Joey lived in peace in the British countryside until the outbreak of World War I saw Joey being sold to the British cavalry. As Joey begins a journey full of danger, Albert is unable to forget his friend and travels to the battlefields of France to bring him home.

  • IMDb score: 7.2

9. Spirit: Stallion of the Cinnarron, Peacock and Prime Video (2002)

Spirit Movie
Credit: Amazon

I think I can confidently say that this is one of the most recognizable best horse movies out there. Spirit, even though it is animated, is still an entertaining and wild ride with a horse that refuses to quit in the face of adversity. Spirit journeys through the American frontier and encounters man for the first time, and defies being broken while still becoming friends with a young Lakota, all to become one of the great unsung heroes of the Old West.

  • IMDb score: 7.2

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8. Dark Horse, Prime Video and Apple TV (2015)

Dark Horse; Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

Dark Horse is a documentary that focuses on a group of friends who live in a poor Welsh mining village, who come together in order to take on the “sport of kings” and breed themselves a racehorse that they will raise to victory. If you like uplifting movies, then check out this film.

  • IMDb score: 7.3

7. Seabiscuit, MGM+ and Paramount+ (2003)

Seabiscuit; Streaming Horse Movies
Credit: Paramount+

Another documentary appears in our seventh best horse movie, titled Seabiscuit. The film takes place during the Great Depression when three unlikely men — a businessman coping with his son’s death, a jockey with a history of brutal injuries, and a down-and-out horse trainer — team up to help Seabiscuit, a temperamental and undersized horse. The horse struggles at first, but later becomes one of the most successful thoroughbreds of all time, giving hope in a time of darkness.

  • IMDb score: 7.3

6. The Black Stallion, Pluto TV and MGM+ (1979)

The Black Stallion; Horse Movies
Credit: Turner Classic Movies

Possible tragedy turns into an unbreakable bond in The Black Stallion. Alec, a young boy, encounters a black Arabian horse while traveling aboard a steamship around the coast of North Africa with his father. When disaster strikes and the ship goes down, Alec frees the horse and escapes to a nearby island, forming a close bond. When the boy is rescued, he brings the horse and meets former jockey Henry, who will train the horse that Alec has named “the Black.”

  • IMDb score: 7.4

5. Lonely Are the Brave, Vudu and Apple TV (1962)

Lonely Are The Brave
Credit: IMDb

This is another one of those movies that isn’t directly related to a horse, but since Lonely Are the Brave is a classic western, there are sure to be horses in the film. Ranch hand Jack Burns feels out of place and gets himself imprisoned to be alongside his friend Paul. As Jack tries to convince Paul to leave, Jack realizes Paul has too much at stake by being a family man. This prompts Jack to escape, setting off an extensive manhunt into the western wilderness, and embodying the western genre.

  • IMDb score: 7.6

4. Buck, AMC+ and Tubi (2011)

Buck; Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

Our fourth best horse movie is another documentary, titled Buck. American cowboy Buck Brannaman has a unique way with horses, and his actions inspired the novel “The Horse Whisperer.” In the documentary, director Cindy learns about the real-life Buck, and how an abusive childhood helped teach compassion and insight needed to train horses, with not punishment but by treating them with respect.

  • IMDb score: 7.6

3. Comanche, Prime Video and Roku (2000)

20 Best Horse Movies Of All Time And Where To Stream Them
Credit: IMDb

Comanche is a docushort, and takes the third spot of our best horse movies. Focused on The Battle of Little Big Horn, we get to see the heart-warming story of the only U.S. survivor, which happens to be a horse named Comanche.

  • IMDb score: 7.7

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2. The Moon Stallion, Youtube and PLEX (1978)

The Moon Stallion
Credit: PLEX

Though this is not “technically” a film, The Moon Stallion still is really good and earns its spot as the second-best horse movie on our list. In the series, a young girl named Diana, her archaeologist father, and her brother visit the Berkshires near an ancient Celtic horse cut into the hillside. Even though Diana is blind, she has “sight” which connects her to a mysterious white stallion, an ancient legend of Arthur as a Celtic chieftain, and to danger from others who seek paranormal power.

  • IMDb score: 8

1. A Champion Heart, Tubi and Prime Video (2018)

A Champion Heart; Best Horse Movies
Credit: IMDb

Our number one choice for the best horse movie list is titled A Champion Heart, which tells the story of a young girl who finds solace with an injured horse. After the death of her mom, 15-year-old Mandy struggles to overcome her grief in a new town. When a group of popular girls betray her trust, Mandy is forced to serve time at an equine sanctuary but finds a connection with a wounded horse instead.

  • IMDb score: 8.2

The bond between humans and horses can become quite strong, especially in the face of adversity. These movies show just a glimpse of the history between this magnificent beast and us, and if you really enjoy horses, make sure to continue watching our best horse movies list.