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Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC rides solo and digs into the streaming wars with a platform ranking that puts HBO Max above Netflix. Plus, TC shares his and his wife’s watchlist’s on HBO Max.

To find out what’s on their watchlists, and his streaming wars top platforms, listen to the show below.

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Streaming Wars: Platform Rankings

Below are TC’s top three platforms, for his full streaming wars rankings listen to the podcast now.

#1. HBO Max

TC is a big fan of HBO shows, from The Wire to The Sopranos. So adding in the Warner Bros. movie collection was always going to make what was already a strong HBO line-up spectacular. The only two questions TC had about the platform were, would HBO cycle content, and is it worth the higher-than-usual $14.99 monthly cost?

The fact TC has put HBO Max #1 so soon after it’s May launch shows that those questions are no longer relevant. If you’re looking for mature content, a library of both modern and classic movies, HBO Max should be your streaming platform of choice.

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#2. YouTube

During the podcast, TC removed YouTube because it was mostly short clips, but he would have given it the number two rank otherwise. Therefore we’ve included it here because many people spend hours on YouTube, from finding out how to fix a washing machine to watching reviews of record players (both me).

The fantastic thing about YouTube is that it’s free, informative, funny, et al. Whatever you’re after, YouTube has you covered, unlike most streaming platforms.

#3. Netflix

Netflix is off the charts when it comes to new content, yet we’d take quality over quantity at this point, especially when their focus has been on angry teens for a few years now.

This focus hasn’t pushed SNIPdaily away from the platform but it has made it less interesting to check back and see what’s new on Netflix. We already know, it’ll be another angry teen show, complete with whiny boys and super-powered girls.

The one genre we still regularly return to Netflix for is its documentaries, as they remain BINGE worthy.

To find out TC’s complete streaming wars platform ranking listen to the podcast now.

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