Best Hbo Max Movies
Credit: Warner Bros / Gal Gadot

Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC and Swaggy-D take a look at the best HBO Max movies available at launch, May 27.

Picking out all-time greats including The Wizard of OzAliens, and the Lethal Weapon trilogy (not the fourth) for the BKC treatment.

The guys also dig into the entire 600-movie collection, highlighting what’s a binge, and what’s a kill in the process. Some of the best include Casablanca, Glengarry Glen Ross, and Bridesmaids.

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Binge Kill Chill Definitions

The Best HBO Max Movies Streaming At Launch 3

DISCLAIMER: The above ratings are for review purposes only. A Kill rating does not mean we wish harm to anyone involved in the production of a movie or show. It solely means that a movie or show belongs in the trash.

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Killing Wonder Woman

During the podcast TC picks Wonder Woman as his Kill from HBO Max’s launch line-up. It’s a bold pick, but one indicative of TC’s dislike of new superhero movies, with the exception of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Regardless of the fact Wonder Woman is one of the better DC superhero movies available, and SNIPdaily’s excitement over the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max in 2021, TC has a point.

It’s time to cut-back on superhero movies.

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Too Much Of The Same

Regardless of whether someone is a superhero fan or not, everyone can agree that the Marvel movies, starting with Iron Man right to the final Avengers movie, have great production quality. They’re popcorn fodder and that’s perfect for the genre.

Even DC upped the quality with their latest popcorn superhero blockbusters, including Wonder Woman and Aquaman specifically.

The issue is that, too many spoil the broth. They’ve become predictable, and with the exception of Joker, and Tony Stark’s death, there are no surprises, just big explosions.

So, despite being a massive nerd, whose office is full of miniatures from Marvel, DC, and more obscure graphic novels and niches, TC is right. We need a period of no new superhero movies.

However, over-saturation isn’t going to stop the superhero-fest, in 2020 there’s Wonder Woman 1984, The New Mutants, Black Widow, Samaritan, and much more coming.

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