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Today on Binge Kill Chill, TC and Swaggy-D take a look at what’s new on Netflix this July 2020.

Picking out Originals including Warrior NunThe Old Guard, and Cursed for the BKC treatment.

The guys also dig through the classics coming to Netflix in July, from Airplane! to The Karate Kid

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Originals on Netflix this July 2020

One of the better superhero show’s to emerge from the blur of capes over the last half-decade is Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. Fans of the show will be delighted that season two hits the streaming giant on July 31.

Surprisingly, The Umbrella Academy Season 2 isn’t one of our three picks this month. Instead, we’ve gone for fresh content, picking out what we predict will be a BINGE, a CHILL, and a KILL (for our rating system see below).

The Old Guard (July 10)

The stand out this July 2020 on Netflix is the Charlie Theron led summer blockbuster The Old Guard. The movie is about immortal soldiers who have protected humanity for thousands of years, but who are now being hunted down by big bad corporations after their super-human secrets.

We predict The Old Guard will be an action romp and compared to other things streaming in July, it will end up a BINGE. Check out the trailer below:

Warrior Nun (July 2)

The next thing on our radar is Netflix’s new series Warrior Nun. Think super-powered coma chick meets secret religious groups that protect mankind. Yes, there’s a theme this July and it seems to be women kicking ass. Fingers crossed we get a fantastic show rather than some woke nightmare.

We predict Warrior Nun will be a CHILL. Check out the trailer below to make up your own mind.

Cursed, July 17

Finally, we have Cursed. We love King Arthur, Excalibur, and all those cool Knights of the Round Table stories, and Cursed is of that world. The difference, instead of King Arthur wielding Excalibur, it’s a woman.

What makes us worry about this new Netflix series is that the trailer wants us to believe having a woman as the lead is a big deal. In 2020 a woman lead isn’t even close to being a surprise. Check out the trailer below to see what we mean.

We predict Cursed will be a KILL. If the big thing in your trailer is that the lead is a woman, we’re guessing the rest isn’t going to get much more surprising or exciting.

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