Trial By Media Review
Credit: Trial by Media Episode Six / Netflix

Today on Binge Kill Chill (BKC), TC and Swaggy-D review Trial by Media on Netflix. Giving their quickfire opinions on what it is, and whether you should watch it via their binge, kill, and chill rating system.

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What is “Trial by Media”?

Trial by Media is a Netflix docuseries, which normally means it’s Binge-worthy straight away. The series takes a look at how the courtroom has become a form of entertainment, influenced by different aspects of the media’s spotlight.

When Trial by Media was first revealed by Netflix, the courtroom focus wasn’t front and center. So our imagination ran wild. We were all excited by the idea of a hard-hitting Netflix docuseries looking into the lies and manipulation of mainstream media.

Yet as more information came out, the less likely it was to satisfy our original thoughts. It wasn’t until we saw who was behind the docuseries that our hopes were fully smashed. Executive producers included George Clooney, Court TV creator Steven Brill and CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

However, after watching all six-episodes of Trial by Media one thing is true, it wasn’t as much of a letdown as we thought it might be.

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Binge Kill Chill Definitions


Netflix Docuseries Comparison

For sure, it’s nowhere near as good as other recent Netflix docuseries like Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, or Don’t F*** With Cats. Yet, it’s more than watchable, even the episodes that feel like an extension of Court TV.

Out of six-episodes, two really look at the media. Picking out their actions as clearly impacting the courtroom. We wanted all six-episodes like this, specifically looking at the media as it is now. We didn’t get that.

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However, between two episodes that delivered, and a third, which put a spotlight on a charismatic defense attorney, we can say 50-percent of the show was enjoyable. The rest was okay at best.

Verdict: Chill. This means, put it on unless you have the option to get it on.

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