New On Netflix: &Quot;The Wrong Missy&Quot; Review
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Today on Binge Kill Chill (BKC), TC and Swaggy-D review The Wrong Missy on Netflix. Giving their quickfire opinions on what it is, and whether you should watch it via their binge, kill, and chill rating system.

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What is “The Wrong Missy”?

The Wrong Missy is a movie by Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison production company. What that means is that Netflix has again paid for Sandler and Co. to go on vacation.

The premise is simple, David Spade (Tommy Boy) goes on a date with an eccentric (being kind) woman called Missy and he literally runs away.

He later meets his dream woman and text-invites her to a work retreat in Hawaii. Yet, he actually texts Missy by mistake.

So far, so cliche.

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New on Netflix: "The Wrong Missy" Review 3

Phoning it in

What happens after is Spade, et al, put their feet up and phone in average performances while delivering what is a pointlessly average script.

Seriously, there is no purpose in the movies conclusion at all.

The one saving grace is that Lauren Lapkus (Jurassic World), who plays Missy is constantly entertaining. She dominates the screen and puts the rest of the cast to shame. She gets a Binge-rating for effort.

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Without her, The Wrong Missy would be one of Happy Madison’s worst. Which likely translates to it being a smash hit for Netflix.

The big question is, why was director Tyler Spindel hired again after his previous Happy Madison disaster, Father of the Year (IMDb 5.2)?

His next movie, Deported (IMDb 3.7) was even worst. The only conclusion, he must have been owed a vacation.

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