White Lines Review
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Today on Binge Kill Chill (BKC), TC and Swaggy-D review White Lines on Netflix. Giving their quickfire opinions on what it is, and whether you should watch it via their binge, kill, and chill rating system.

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What is “White Lines”?

From the man behind Netflix’s hit Money Heist, Álex Pina’s White Lines is a 10-episode kick to the senses and that’s not always good.

The premise is that the sister, of a once-famous DJ, heads off to Ibiza to investigate his murder, which happened many years earlier.

The combination of a murder-mystery on the island of Ibiza is intriguing. The sun, sea, and wild parties could have been a unique setting for such an archetypal show type.

However, the murder-mystery is overpowered by the island’s antics and becomes the show’s far weakest point.

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Binge Kill Chill definitions

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An Excuse To Party

Effectively, if you’re coming to White Lines for the murder-mystery don’t bother. That part of the show gets our Kill-rating.

If you’ve come for the sun-soaked sex, drugs, and violence, you’ll come away satisfied. The show has it in abundance, plus it’s well-acted and has characters that you may not fall in love with, but you’ll want to see more of.

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The best way to describe White Lines is if you take the wild scenes from The Wolf of Wall Street and update them for the party island that is Ibiza, then add the mad-cap capers of Trainspotting.

The combination of the two, really leaves very little room for the murder-mystery and that becomes more true the further the series progresses. By the end, the solution is anticlimactic and you’re just left wishing it wasn’t part of the show at all.

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