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Today on the Binge Kill Chill Podcast, TC and Swaggy-D preview HBO Max’s launch Originals and the platform’s future shows. To put it into boxing parlance, its a split decision.

The guys LOVE HBO’s content. From The Sopranos (TC’s favorite) to Chernobyl (one of Swaggy’s favorites). We can all agree, HBO knows how to make great content, but that fact makes their Originals line-up even worse.

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HBO Max Original Mess

From the several shows listed, only one sounds slightly interesting, unless you’re into crafts, underground ballroom dancing competitions, or Elmo from Sesame Street?

The one that stands out is On The Record, a documentary about the rape allegations against Russell Simmons, the music industry mogul. It was originally meant for Apple TV Plus and Oprah Winfrey but they bailed on it because of “creative differences.”

The documentary comes from the same team that did The Invisible War, The Hunting Ground, and The Bleeding Edge, so it will be on-the-nose with no punches pulled.

However, come May 27 when HBO Max launches, there’s no doubt this platform is 100-percent reliant on its back catalog. Even more so than Disney Plus was when it launched.

HBO Max Launch Originals get the KILL rating.

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The Future’s Bright, Lens Flare Bright

Luckily, HBO Max does have a quintet of future shows that give us a glimmer of hope. Three of those are from Mr. Lens Flare himself, J.J. Abrams. These include a Justice League series, a Stephen King The Shining spinoff called Overlook, and a 70s style cop show called Duster. The Overlook series will be based on the hotel from the King movie (if you’re interested like we are).

The other shows that could be good include Dune: The Sisterhood, and any Game of Thrones spinoff HBO Max can conjure up.

Here’s the reality, so little is known about any of these shows beyond the fact Dune is a retelling of the science fiction novel through the eyes of a female-only society, that we’re purely anticipating quality.

On that note, we’re giving the future Originals a CHILL rating. We so desperately want to give a positive preview for HBO Max… But right now, we are thinking the worst and sitting on the fence.

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Best Of 2020? Yes, If You Like Violence

This leaves Cinemax’s Gangs of London series which Swaggy-D has watched all 10-hours of. His verdict is BINGE. He also says it’s the best thing in 2020 so far. Better than Bosch, Ozark, Sex Education, and even better than Tiger King.

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