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Wondering what to watch? Let the Binge Kill Chill podcast be your guide to what’s worth streaming right now.

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Today on the show, TC talks up Netflix’s #BlackAF series, giving it high praise and an initial CHILL rating. Which means it’s worth watching if nothing else is coming in hot on your radar.

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The big question is, will TC upgrade to a BINGE after watching more episodes? We’ll find out in future podcasts no doubt.

Also on today’s show Beckett, SNIPdaily’s binge-addict gives his verdict on Code 8. A super-hero style mutant movie that’s getting major hype right now. However, Beckett calls it average, nothing special, and even says it’s predictable. A brutal opinion that ends with the show’s KILL rating.

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Finally, Beckett turns his Code-8 frown upside down and gushes all over Bosch Season 6 on Amazon Prime Video. Calling it a show for grown-ups. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to a middle-aged man fanboy over something, we’ve got you covered.

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