Today on the show, Duane Beckett, the binge-addict reviews Hulu’s Mrs. America and Apple TV+’s Home Before Dark, plus Adam Sandler’s Uncut Gems gets some late loving from the host TC.

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WARNING: This episode contains a full-blown man-rant. If you’re politically correct, easily offended, or fine with show’s bashing men, skip this episode.

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Rant Disclaimer

Beckett: “My podcast rant was a passionate cry for help. Please stop ruining potentially good shows with ludicrous social agenda.

I called Mrs. America a show about feminists. It is. That’s its point. Please understand that my opinion is based on the fact it isn’t a subject I’m interested in. If the subject matter is something you’re interested in, that’s great.

Simply put, different shows, for different folks.

On the flip-side, Home Before Dark, the new Apple TV+ show with a 9-year-old crime journalist had me interested. It could have been Scooby-Doo meets the Stranger Things kids.

Instead, I got a show full of non-stop bumbling weak men and strong women.

I don’t care if a show or movie has dumb and weak men. My beef is that, when every man is pathetic and every woman is amazing, everyone is predictable.

I want to find binge-worthy content for Binge Kill Chill. Binge-worthy content must have a great story, with interesting characters.

My rant was because all I’m finding lately are shows that fail to be interesting because they put social agenda before being entertaining.”

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"Mrs. America" and "Home Before Dark" reviews: Not made for men 2

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