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Today on the Binge Kill Chill Podcast, SNIPdaily’s resident binge-monkey Swaggy-D reviews Netflix’s Extraction, plus much more.

Extraction, starring Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, does a top-notch job of transforming from God of Thunder into a mercenary with a conscience. Giving this action romp enough of a soul to be interesting beyond big explosions.

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Rest assured, if you’re seeking non-stop adrenaline then Extraction will leave you feeling satisfied. There’s an abundance of set pieces that makes an action classic like Man On Fire look low-key.

The two movies do share several things in common, a hostile location, a double-cross, a guy with a troubled past, and a redemption story revolving around the innocent life of a kidnapped kid.

Simply put, Extraction is Man On Fire amped up to Call Of Duty levels of carnage.

Throw in Hopper (David Harbour) from Stranger Things, flashback sequences, and some seriously long action scenes (no cuts) and Netflix have their best action movie yet.

Despite all the positives, one thing holds it back. It’s a one-time movie. It doesn’t have the “holy sh*t” moments or the one-liners that’ll take it from being a hit into the realm of recent action classics.

To put it bluntly, its no Taken (1), John Wick, or The Raid. It’s damn close though. Find out whether it gets a Binge, Kill, or Chill rating on the podcast below.

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