Quarterback On Netflix Is Perfect For Superfans

The hardest job in football, and possibly any sport, is being a professional quarterback. The new eight-episode NFL Films and Omaha Productions docuseries, titled Quarterback on Netflix, gives an unprecedented look at what it takes for Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs, Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings, and Marcus Mariota of the Atlanta Falcons to succeed when all eyes are on them during the 2022 season in Quarterback on Netflix.

Eight episodes of Quarterback on Netflix were all released on July 12 at once. Fans may see the complete season before training camp and the preseason begin in preparation for the 2023 season as they won’t have to wait week to week for fresh episodes.

The Show’s Premise

Quarterback On Netflix

Quarterback on Netflix gives viewers a behind-the-scenes peek at the players’ lives both on and off the field. In a first-of-its-kind, in-depth look at the job, it captures private moments with their families, friends, and trainers while following them from the field to their homes. Quarterback on Netflix also highlights the numerous pressures that are there, such as the reality of having to ask your loved ones to make sacrifices on your behalf and what it’s like to experience the roars or jeers of an entire stadium. Given these requirements, why burden an already difficult role with filming obligations? 

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The Quarterbacks

Quarterback On Netflix

Even though that group of names might sound strange, they most likely had the desired effect. While Cousins had a solid season punctuated by spectacular comeback victories before losing in the playoffs, Mahomes won a Super Bowl. Contrarily, Mariota was benched late in the season and was absent from the club for a period of time.

The three athletes who appear in Quarterback on Netflix are at entirely different stages of their careers. Mahomes is regarded as the best quarterback in the game, while Mariota struggles to maintain his starting position. Although Cousins is a well-established starter, he has not yet had a lengthy playoff run. And only one of the 32 starting quarterbacks in the league is capable of guiding his club to a Super Bowl victory and all the benefits that go along with it. 

Netflix claims that because of the access, they will demonstrate how each quarterback manages the physical demands of football and takes care of their body in Quarterback on Netflix.

At the start of the upcoming season, Cousins, who will be 35, will employ a chiropractor and a massage to help with soft tissue problems. Mahomes will also engage a personal trainer, while Mariota will hire a private chef to help him manage his nutrition and stay in peak physical form.

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The NFL’s Prowess

Quarterback On Netflix

Nobody can match the NFL’s ability to transform a seasonal sport into a year-round offering. Every moment of the league’s calendar year, from the NFL Draft to schedule releases to preseason practices, is captured on tape, packaged, and served up for consumption to a football-obsessed public.

Within this framework, Netflix and NFL Films present Quarterback on Netflix, a brand-new behind-the-scenes documentary-slash-infomercial. Three of the 32 quarterbacks in the league, Marcus Mariota, Kirk Cousins, and Patrick Mahomes, are followed over the course of the eight-episode series. Quarterback on Netflix is driven by highlight reels from the players’ games, but the real action happens off the field as we spend time with them in the locker room, during practice, and at home with their families.

Even though Mahomes is regarded as the finest quarterback in Quarterback on Netflix, Cousins is a mid-tier starter, and Mariota is having trouble keeping a job in his first season in Atlanta, choosing three top players is not necessarily the wisest move. By emphasizing the do-or-die stories in the NFL, this adds a little more drama than watching Mahomes do amazing Mahomes things. Quarterback on Netflix is more in line with HBO’s Hard Knocks.

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Quarterback On Netflix

Despite the unparalleled access and exceptional production values, it’s difficult to avoid feeling chilly when watching Quarterback on Netflix. This is a highly polished piece of NFL propaganda, and watching it is a lot like watching an extended version of the Sunday pregame shows. There are no profound discoveries or startling revelations here. 

Football fans connect with Quarterback on Netflix because of its use of everyday language and accurate depiction of the physical and mental struggles quarterbacks encounter. Even casual viewers will be captivated by these players’ compelling stories as they pursue greatness.

Heartwarming Moments

Quarterback On Netflix

Quarterback on Netflix stands out for its ability to strike a balance between the excitement of the game and everyday, intimate moments. The show features private moments like Kirk Cousins reading his son a bedtime story or Patrick Mahomes spending time with his family. These peeks into the players’ personal life help to humanize them and provide a better understanding of their goals and challenges.

If you’re a die-hard NFL fan—the kind who watches the schedule releases live on ESPN and listens in for every day of the NFL Draft—then Quarterback on Netflix will be a welcome oasis in the football-free desert of mid-July. You won’t find much here that you can’t wait till the fall for, though, if you’re not desperate for football.

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Made for Fans

Quarterback On Netflix

This NFL production—the first partnership between NFL Films and Netflix—is not an independent sports documentary. This NFL propaganda film is slick, dramatic, and well-produced, somewhere between HBO’s Hard Knocks and the traditional John Facenda-narrated NFL highlight tapes.

Although everyone can watch this, football lovers will find Quarterback on Netflix to be especially appealing. Although to be fair, episode 4 does a decent job of detailing the mental preparation that goes into games – and what some of this terminology represents – all the normal vernacular terms of football are used interchangeably.

It’s encouraging to see that Peyton Manning is also the executive producer given that he narrates the first episode’s opening sequence of Quarterback on Netflix. As a result, the drama is quite authentic, especially during pivotal points in the season when characters are brought near to the camera. On-field altercations, motivational locker room speeches, and candid talking-head interviews with the players themselves are all to be expected.

Quarterback on Netflix provides a compelling narrative that is both dramatic and engrossing, ranging from the Vikings’ heartbreaking playoff loss to Cousins’ determination to join the top tier of players, from Mahomes’ superstar status and quest for football greatness to Mariota’s career revival with the Falcons. The show takes viewers on an emotional journey by portraying the high points, low points, and unforeseen turns that shape these quarterbacks’ careers.

Even while there is plenty of excitement in the football action, strategy meetings, and locker room dynamics, it is the off-field moments that stand out. Quarterback on Netflix expertly strikes a balance between the guts and commitment needed to compete at the highest level and the simple, everyday moments that help us relate to these players. 

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Final Thoughts

Quarterback On Netflix

There is much to get lost in in the good docuseries Quarterback on Netflix. It’s a wise decision to divide the attention among three separate characters, and part of what makes this series so compelling is observing the varied outcomes for each. Of course, there are plenty of explosions and high-stakes drama when the teams do inevitably face off against one another. This one is absolutely worth watching if you’re a football lover.

With Peyton Manning as the narrator and a strong production team, Quarterback on Netflix provides a genuine and engaging experience. The television show keeps its promise to immerse viewers in the drama, feelings, and key moments of the season. The series’ appeal is fueled by inspiring locker-room speeches, gripping on-field altercations, and smart player interviews.

In conclusion, the engrossing docuseries Quarterback on Netflix provides a tantalizing look inside the lives and careers of three NFL quarterbacks. The series is a must-watch for football aficionados and sports enthusiasts alike since it combines furious football action with intimate moments. Quarterback on Netflix is the ideal choice if you’re looking for explosions, high-stakes drama, and an accurate depiction of the struggles and successes of quarterbacks.