Football movies have the inconceivable capability to transport us into the thrilling world of the American sport, where passion, cooperation, and triumph collide. Whether you are a devoted football fan or simply love an inspiring sports film, several outstanding pictures celebrate the spirit of the game. In this article, we will explore the best football movies of all time and give you information on where you can stream them. So, get ready to witness the adrenaline rush and emotional trip of these remarkable flicks.

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10. Friday Night Lights Friday Night Lights Movie Poster 2 Sided Original 27X40 Billy  Bob Thornton: Prints: Posters &Amp; Prints

Based on the book of the same name, Friday Night Lights is definitely one of the best football movies of all time. It takes us deep into the heart of Texas, where high school football is a way of life. The film follows a small town as they navigate the pressures, dreams, and physicality associated with the game. With its realistic depiction of the violent world of high school football, this movie captures the spirit and fidelity of the players, trainers, and community. 

Where to Stream: Friday Night Lights is available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

9. Rudy

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Rudy is a timeless story that follows Rudy Ruettiger, a youthful man with a dream of playing football for the University of Notre Dame. Despite facing adversity and disbelievers, Rudy’s unvarying determination propels him forward, inspiring his teammates and leaving a continuing impact. This film embodies the determined spirit of athletes everywhere, which has resonated with audiences since the 90s.

Where to Stream: Rudy is available to rent on Prime Video or Vudu.

8. Any Given Sunday

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Directed by Oliver Stone, Any Given Sunday offers an unyielding and raw look at professional football, both on and off the field. The movie explores the high-stakes world of a fictional football team and looks at the the struggles faced by the players, trainers, and coaches. With its star-studded cast, intense action sequences, and provoking commentary on the sport, this film is undoubtedly one of the best football movies you can stream online.

Where to Stream: You can stream Any Given Sunday on HBO Max.

7. Jerry Maguire

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Jerry Maguire provides a unique perspective on football through the eyes of a sports agent. The film follows Jerry Maguire, played by Tom Cruise, as he decides to take a step back from the brutality of agenting and unexpectedly finds love. With its mix of romance, comedy, and drama, Jerry Maguire offers an engaging depiction of the behind-the-scenes world of professional football.

Where to Stream: You can stream Jerry Maguire on Netflix.

6. Invincible

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Invincible is an inspiring true story about Vince Papale, a 30-year-old bartender who defies the odds and becomes a player for the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFL. Set in the 1970s, the film highlights Papale’s journey from a regular guy to a professional football player, showcasing the power of determination, hard work, and chasing one’s dreams. Mark Wahlberg’s depiction of Papale adds authenticity to this uplifting and motivational film.

Where to Stream: You can stream Invincible on Disney+.

5. The Replacements

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

The Replacements takes a unique perspective on football as it is based off of the 1987 NFL players strike, which was a factual event that led many replacement players to step up to the field. A former football trainer, played by Gene Hackman, leads this ragtag group. All together, they bring humor, unanticipated talent, and a sense of fellowship to the field and the film. With its mix of sports action and comedy, The Replacements offers a fun football movie experience with a glimpse into history.

Where to Stream: You can stream The Replacements on Amazon Prime Video.

4. Draft Day

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Draft Day focuses on exactly what you might expect: the NFL draft. The film follows the National Football League’s General Manager, played by Kevin Costner, as he navigates the pressures of managing the draft process. With its combination of drama, suspension, and behind-the-scenes information, Draft Day offers us a look at the strategic and business side of professional football. 

Where to Stream: You can stream Draft Day on Hulu.

3. We Are Marshall

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

We Are Marshall is an important and emotional film grounded on the true story of the Marshall University football team’s tragedy and their journey to rebuild. After an airplane crash takes the lives the players, trainers, and staff, the film follows the community’s determination to recognize their memory by rejuvenating the football program. With themes of grief and community, We Are Marshall pays homage to the spirit of the game and how sadness can bring people together for the greater good.

Where to Stream: You can stream We Are Marshall on Amazon Prime Video.

2. The Blind Side

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

The Blind Side is an incredibly inspiring film grounded on the true story of Michael Oher, a homeless teenager who finds support and guidance from a caring family. With their help, Oher overcomes obstacles and becomes a talented football player and student, ultimately earning a place at the University of Mississippi as an offensive tackle. This movie emphasizes courage, compassion, and refraining from judging others. An act of kindness can go a very long way.

Where to Stream: You can stream The Blind Side on Amazon Prime Video.

1. Remember the Titans

10 Best Football Movies And Where To Stream Them

Last, but not least, Remember the Titans is arguably the best football movie ever made and it was inspired by a true story. Set in a racially divided community in Virginia during the 1970s, an African American head trainer takes charge of a high school football team as he faces challenges in uniting the players and experiencing prejudice. This movie showcases the transformative power of cooperation, team spirit, and perseverance. 

Where to Stream: You can stream Remember the Titans on Disney+.


Are these films based on true events?

Yes, many of these films are based on or inspired by true events. They bring to life the extraordinary voyages and experiences of actual football players.

Can my family and I view these films together?

Absolutely! These films are appropriate for family viewing. They provide audiences of all ages with valuable life teachings, inspiring stories, and thrilling football action.

Are these films solely about American football?

Yes, American football is the primary focus of the films on this list. They highlight the fervor, obstacles, and victories within the context of American football culture. However, even if you are unfamiliar with the sport, you can still appreciate the films’ compelling stories and universal themes.

May I view these films outside of the United States?

Depending on your location, streaming platforms may or may not be available. However, many of these films are extensively accessible via prominent streaming services with a global presence, such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and Hulu. Please confirm that these films are available on the streaming services available in your region.

Are there any uplifting football films for children?

Yes, several motivational football films are appropriate for children. The uplifting and family-friendly narratives of The Little Giants and Air Bud: Golden Receiver combine a passion for football with valuable life teachings, making them ideal for young viewers.

Are there any football films that focus on the sport’s history?

Absolutely! There are football films that explore the sport’s diverse history. Films such as The Express and Leatherheads depict the early days of football and the difficulties players and teams confronted as the sport evolved. These films feature an intriguing combination of athletics, drama, and historical context.

Are there any documentaries that look at professional football and the NFL?

Yes, numerous football documentaries provide an inside look at the professional game. Documentaries such as Hard Knocks and All or Nothing: A Season with the Dallas Cowboys give spectators a unique perspective on the sport by providing an in-depth look at the lives of NFL players, coaches, and team operations.


In conclusion, the ten greatest football films transport us on an enthralling journey through the victories, obstacles, and emotions associated with the sport. These films encapsulate the essence of football and demonstrate the sport’s ability to unite, inspire, and entertain. There is a football film on this list for every type of viewer, whether you prefer intense sports action, uplifting stories, or thought-provoking drama.

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Gather your friends and family, collect some refreshments, and enter the exciting world of football cinema. Whether you watch these films on Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, or HBO Max, you’re in for an unforgettable cinematic experience. Prepare to applaud, chuckle, and be moved as the game’s spirit comes to life on the screen.