Best Golf Movies
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There are few sports that elicit as much loyalty and passion as golf. Fans of the sport eat, sleep, and live the chance to play or learn about golf, so it makes sense that modern day cinema has put out several movies about golf. From Caddyshack to Happy Gilmore, or more recently Phantom of the Open, these movies are funny, realistic, and definitely worth watching. Check out our list of the twelve best golf movies in 2023 and where to stream each of them today.

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Best Golf Movies in 2023

12. Walking with Herb, Prime Video and Apple TV (2021)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

Walking with Herb follows sixty-five-year-old Joe Amable-Amo who believes there is nothing unique about him compared to other guys. After suffering a tragedy, Joe also struggles with his faith. This leads to an encounter with God, who tells Joe that he must become a messenger for Him and play in the World Entire golf championship. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “Resist the sarcasm, Joe. Rather, behold and believe.”

11. Phantom of the Open, Prime Video and Apple TV (2021)

Based on a true story, Phantom of the Open follows Maurice Flitcroft who entered the 1976 Open despite being a complete novice. This movie prizes extraordinary in the ordinary, and is an uplifting comedy drama about pursuing your dreams no matter what happens beforehand in your life. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “Flippin’ heck!”  

10. Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk, Sling TV and Prime Video (2019)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

If you want a behind the scenes documentary about golfers, look no further than Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk. This documentary explores the bond between golfer and caddie in never before seen stories, that will reveal a world of golf you’ve never realized is there. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “I’ll give him all the credit. He’s the one that told me play aggressive.” 

9. Swing Away, Tubi and the Roku Channel (2016)

After a meltdown during a huge golf tournament, LPGA golfer Zoe Papadopoulos retreats to her grandparent’s house in Greece to escape the spotlight and find herself again in Swing Away. Instead she meets and later mentors a 10-year-old girl who is determined to be the next golf star, and an entrepreneur who is trying to change the small village into a golf hotspot. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “She just buried the putter in the green, that’s an unforgivable sin for golfers and the worst display of sportsmanship I have ever seen.” 

8. The Squeeze, FuboTV and the Roku Channel (2015)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

Starring Jeremy Sumpter as young golf star Augie, The Squeeze follows Augie as he wins the local Texas tournament by 15 strokes, beating his own course record. A gambler notices the kid’s ability to play golf and convinces him to play high stakes tournaments in order to get more money, which quickly becomes a life-and-death situation for the young golfer. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “Sorry sir, but I don’t gamble.”  

7. From the Rough, Redbox and Apple TV (2011)

From the Rough is based on a true story about Catana Starks, who was the former Tennessee State Tigers swim coach, and later became the first woman to coach a college men’s golf team. Having trouble recruiting golfers, Starks selected kids from around the world and guided them to an all-time record at the PGA National Collegiate Minority Championship. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “But I don’t focus on the past. I focus on potential.” 

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Best Golf Movies of All-Time

6. Happy Gilmore, Peacock and Apple TV (1996)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

Adam Sandler stars in Happy Gilmore as a wannabe hockey player that discovers he has a talent for playing golf. When his grandmother learns she will be losing her house soon, Happy joins a golf tournament in order to win the money to save the house. He becomes a star, even with his foulmouthed attitude, and becomes a target against the well-mannered professionals. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “You’re gonna die, clown!”

5. Caddyshack, HBO Max and Prime Video (1980)

If you want a funny movie about caddies, try watching Caddyshack. The main character Danny works as a caddy at the snobby Bushwood Country Club to get money for his college education. To try and receive a caddy scholarship, Danny volunteers to caddy for an influential club member. As he prepares for the Caddy Day golf tournament, he receives New Age advice from wealthy golf guru Ty Webb, all within hysterical situations, of course. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “The world needs ditch diggers, too.”

4. Caddyshack II, Apple TV and Youtube (1988)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

Though only Chevy Chase returned for Caddyshack II, there are still plenty of funny scenes in the movie. Jack Hartounian, a real estate tycoon, applies for membership at the country club but gets denied by old-money WASPS, led by Chandler Young. In retaliation, Jack buys the golf course and replaces it with a gaudy amusement park. To try and get the golf course back, Chandler hires a deranged mercenary to get the job done. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “Golf, golf… what kinda name is ‘golf’ anyway? Sounds like a sound you make when you’ve got something caught in your throat.”

3. The Greatest Game Ever Played, Disney+ (2005)

Based on a true story, The Greatest Game Ever Played stars Shia LaBeouf as Francis Ouimet, a blue-collar teen that gets denied the opportunity to play golf with the upper classes. He continues to fine tune his skills after days being a caddy at the Brookline Country Club. Eventually, he gets an opportunity to participate in the 1913 U.S. Open, and must go against his idol, British star Harry Vardon in order to win. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “Read it, roll it, hole it.”

Best Golf Movies on Netflix

2. Full Swing (2023, 8 Episodes)

12 Best Golf Movies In 2023 And Where To Watch
Credit: IMDB

A docudrama that currently has eight episodes, Full Swing follows real golfers on and off the course as they all compete in the high-stakes PGA tour. This documentary gives stark relief into what it means to be a successful golfer, and the pressures that often go unseen by the fans. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “This sport is freaking brutal. How quickly you can fall off and just not be who you were anymore.”

1. The Short Game (2013)

In The Short Game, an amazing and inspiring documentary, the world’s best 7-year-old golfers travel to Pinehurst, North Carolina in order to compete in the World Championships of Junior Golf. Showing the good times and the frustrations creeping in, this documentary not only shows the prowess of these kids, but how you can start your dreams whenever you want to. 

  • Best Golf Movie Quote: “It’s just good to have a collection of them [trophies].”

Golf movies and documentaries are a fun and interesting glimpse into the golfing world – a sport that doesn’t get highlighted as much as football or soccer. So go out and try your hand at putting or driving the ball, or just stay inside and continue to watch the best golf movies on this list. 

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