Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari

When Ford v Ferrari suddenly appeared on the big screen, it surely caught everyone off guard—in the nicest manner possible. This true-story drama starred Christian Bale and Matt Damon and had thrilling auto racing, but it also cut far deeper and captivated a wide range of moviegoers. It’s time to hunt for other films that are similar to this Oscar-nominated favorite while it’s still fresh in our memories. These are the 10 best movies like Ford v Ferrari for when you’re itching for the fast-paced, dramatic anticipation of this blockbuster film.

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10. The Damned United (2009)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: The Damned United

There will undoubtedly be conflict when former successful manager Brian Clough takes over England’s premier football team Leeds United due to his aggressive demeanor and obvious distaste for the players’ nasty style of play. A glimpse inside his past career explains both his animosity toward former manager Don Revie and how much he misses Peter Taylor, his right-hand man who has remained faithful to Brighton & Hove Albion. This is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari as it features a tense, fast-paced, ambitious sports film based on a true story. 

9. Heart Like a Wheel (1983)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Heart Like A Wheel

Judith Muldowney née Roque naturally developed a passion for driving fast automobiles when her father let her sit behind the wheel of his car when she was a young child and after she and her then-boyfriend Jack Muldowney competed in neighborhood street races as teenagers. Although Jack considered his wife’s desire to compete in National Hot Rod races more as a hobby than as a prospective career, he did support her in certain ways as her technician and original race car builder.

Connie Kalitta, a fellow driver who had more than just a professional interest in Shirley, helped her overcome the stereotype that anyone who participated in any sort of motorsport had to be a man in the middle of the 1960s so that she could obtain her National Hot Rod Association license. Connie gave her the nickname “Cha-Cha” (which she detested) due to her female chutzpah, which would be widely utilized by the general public and the media.

Shirley’s relationships with Jack and Connie would be put to the test as she advanced in the sport, both personally and professionally. Based on a true story and featuring a suspenseful, exciting plot, this is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari for when you’re itching to recreate the film’s magic.

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8. Dirt (2018)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Dirt

In the film Dirt, a young criminal attempts to better his life and that of his younger sister thanks to the help of a nice police officer, a program for troubled youth, and an auto racing team. There will be lots of automobile action, including multiple wrecks, but none that cause significant harm or death because it is centered on off-road racing championships held at several motor speedways.

Other dangers include a gang of auto thieves’ threats and danger, a brawl, vandalism, and fire. Some of the female racetrack attendants wear provocative costumes, and the movie is mostly focused on men. One strong woman acting as a parent strikes a balance against it. This is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari as it features a motorsport premise, a compelling protagonist, and a glowing redemption arc.

7. King Richard (2021)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: King Richard

Richard Williams is adamant about immortalizing his daughters Venus and Serena in history, and he does so with the help of a bold 78-page strategy and a clear vision. The girls are formed by their father’s unwavering determination and their mother’s balanced viewpoint and strong intuition as they train on Compton, California’s abandoned tennis courts, rain or shine, defying the apparently insurmountable obstacles and prevailing expectations put before them.

Based on the inspiring true story, “King Richard” depicts the uplifting journey of a family who produces two of the greatest sports giants in history thanks to their unflinching resolve and steadfast faith. Based on a true story of a high-powered sport, this is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari, especially as it features Will Smith in a powerful and unique role. 

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6. The Art of Racing in the Rain (2019)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: The Art Of Racing In The Rain

Golden puppy Enzo recounts his lovely life with loyal owner Denny in death basket flashbacks. Denny is a gifted and aspiring Formula One race car driver who put his racing ambitions on hold in order to marry Eve and raise their daughter Zoe. Denny doesn’t accept a test driver position at Ferrari’s Milan headquarters until after Eve dies in a catastrophic accident and her wealthy parents lose a contentious custody battle against him.

By that time, inseparable Enzo is so sick that he can only take one more ride in Denny’s state-of-the-art F1 car, but he is sure that eight years from then he will be reborn as a promising racer. This is undeniably one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari, incorporating the racing theme alongside a compelling, heartwarming character arc and plot. 

5. Driven (2001)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Driven

Jimmy Bly, a talented rookie race car driver, has started to lose focus and is falling in the standings. It makes sense given the tremendous pressure his wildly ambitious promoter brother is putting on him, as well as Bly’s relationship with Sophia, the fiancée of his arch-competitor. Car owner Carl Henry enlists former racing champion Joe Tanto to assist Bly because there is a lot riding on him.

Tanto must first cope with the psychological wounds left over from a devastating racing accident that almost cost him his life in order to push Bly back to the top of the standings. Though a smaller, lesser-known film, this is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari, especially as it focuses on racing and relationships.  

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4. Moneyball (2011)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Moneyball

The Oakland A’s of general manager Billy Beane in 2001 suffered a postseason loss to the Yankees and subsequently lost three stars to free agency. With the A’s player salary being less than one-third of those of wealthy teams, how is Beane able to produce a competitive team? Beane employs and speaks to Peter Brand, a recent Yale graduate who assesses players using Bill James’ statistical approach, much to the dismay of his scouts.

On paper, Beane puts together a team of unknown players that can reach base and score runs. The players won’t then be used in the manner that Art Howe, Beane’s manager, desires. Can Beane defeat Howe, win games, advance to the 2002 World Series, and defy baseball’s rigid rules? As another true story and compelling plot, this is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari

3. Le Mans (1971)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Le Mans

This film depicts an automobile race in the 1970s at the world’s most challenging endurance track, Le Mans in France, in breadth and detail that is almost documentary-like. 13.4 kilometers of closed country road are used for the race, which lasts for 24 hours. The two drivers of each car switch out every few hours, yet maintaining focus and material is still difficult.

The competition between the German Stahler driving a Ferrari 512LM and the American Delaney driving a Gulf Team Porsche 917 is the main attraction. Delaney is under a lot of pressure because the previous year he was responsible for a serious accident that resulted in the death of his friend Lisa’s husband. An oldie but goodie, this is one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari

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2. Born to Race (2011)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Born To Race

The protagonist of this tale is the disobedient young street racer Danny Krueger, who is headed for danger. He is transferred to a tiny town to stay with his estranged father, a retired NASCAR racer, after a crash at an illegal street race. When Danny is in high school, he meets Jessica. He accepts her party invitation. Danny accepts the offer in an effort to fit in.

Danny encounters local hotshot Jake Kendall at the event. The two individuals argue. Danny will need to uphold Jake’s high standards for the neighborhood in order to be accepted, which will require him to compete once more. In the meantime, there are ups and downs in Danny’s relationship with his father. Danny still hasn’t recovered from his father abandoning him and his mom when he was just a little child.

He can’t avoid his father as he tries to navigate his new community, and as they converse, the two slowly come to see that they have more in common than they initially thought. Danny is compelled to ask his father for assistance in defeating his competitor Jake Kendall when he decides to compete in the NHRA High School Drags. This is a classic and one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari, hands down. 

1. Rush (2013)

Best Movies Like Ford V Ferrari: Rush

The film is based on the true story of a fiercely competitive clash between the dashing English playboy James Hunt and his meticulous, brilliant competitor, Austrian driver Niki Lauda. It is set against the sensual, seductive golden age of Formula 1 racing in the 1970s. The narrative covers both drivers’ vastly different personal characteristics on and off the oval, their relationships, and the incredible 1976 season in which they each risked everything to win the world championship in a sport where mistakes are fatal.

Hunt and Lauda couldn’t have been more dissimilar from one another, both on and off the track. Despite the fact that Lauda’s reputation for rigid control of perfectionism and Englishman Hunt’s exuberant public persona frequently clashed, both men were undoubtedly among the best racecar drivers to ever grace the track.

But after Lauda nearly loses his life in a tragic incident at the 1976 Nürburgring Grand Prix, there is reluctant respect between the two racers as Hunt learns how dedicated Lauda is to the sport they both love. This is undeniably one of the best movies like Ford v Ferrari and will be the perfect addition to your next comfort movie night.