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Ella is a digital content intern and loves writing about entertainment, media, technology, and culture. She is a rising senior at Harvard College studying Gender Studies and Government and plans to pursue a writing career. Besides creative and nonfiction writing, she spends her free time on music, fashion, and popular culture studies.

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The Outer Banks season 4 premiere date will be delayed even more than we anticipated.
No Hard Feelings Review: Upbeat But Empty
The movie’s claim about dangerous business is really just a big tease in this No Hard Feelings review.
The Crowded Room Review: Adequate Drudgery 
This The Crowded Room review provides a paradox in addition to its complexities, subversions, and obvious red herrings.
Asteroid City Review: Sharp And Beautiful
t’s humorous and frequently sardonic, but like some of his previous movies, it has a tragic undercurrent in this Asteroid City review.
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Ronald Gladden, also known as Juror #6, is that man, and he is about to experience the craziest 17 days of his life in this Jury Duty review.
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The Bear Review: New Season Sparks Fanfare
It’s one of the best sequels to a first season that stirred up this much controversy that I can recall in this The Bear review.
Oppenheimer Review: A Bomb That Doesn’t Detonate
Even though this Oppenheimer review immediately settles into a more grounded, less fantastical pace, it nonetheless clearly identifies as a Nolan production.
Why Has Greys Anatomy Lasted For So Long? 19 Gripping Seasons Later
Grey’s Anatomy has remained impressively steady despite many asking why has Greys Anatomy lasted.
The Summer I Turned Pretty Recap: Get Ready For A Stunning Season 2
The plot of the previous season was driven by a volleyball tournament, a debutante ball, and a few relationships in this The Summer I Turned Pretty Recap.
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The new eight-episode NFL Films and Omaha Productions docuseries, titled Quarterback on Netflix, gives an unprecedented look.
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