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Ella is a digital content intern who loves writing about entertainment, media, technology, and culture. She is a recent Harvard graduate in Gender Studies and Government with plans to pursue a Creative Writing MFA. Besides creative and nonfiction writing, she spends her free time on music, fashion, and popular culture studies. Her current obsession is her 1999 iMac with all its nostalgic quirks.

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Love Is Blind Brazil Season 4
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The cast of Love Is Blind Brazil Season 4: A Fresh Start is made up of individuals who are not…
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Read through them all to be reminded of why it was such an amazing film with these 13 Barbie movie…
Best Quentin Tarantino Movies
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With his loquacious, snappy dialogue and masterful craftsmanship, let's get into the best Quentin Tarantino movies streaming right now.
Book To Tv Adaptations
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There are new book to TV adaptations based in 2024 alone. These 12 amazing book to TV adaptations are listed…
Cool People Watch Reality Tv
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Media studies have long demonstrated the influence of television on our attitudes, values, and beliefs when cool people like reality…
Movies You Missed In Theaters
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With the way streaming services like Amazon Prime are developing, they are providing access to a wealth of movies you…
Movie Characters To Be My Best Friend
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Come along as we discover what it is that makes them great company off screen as the top 8 movie…
Best Episodes Of It'S Always Sunny
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Come along as we relive the best episodes of It’s Always Sunny that cemented the show’s reputation as a comedy…
The Idea Of You Review
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The Idea of You explores self-discovery, desire, and unusual relationships. Learn more about this Anne Hathaway hit in this The…
Best Celebrity Jeopardy
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These celebrities have made a lasting impression; even the biggest names in entertainment can't resist the best Celebrity Jeopardy! buzzers.
Most Popular Streaming Service 2024
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To help readers navigate the confusing world of streaming, we explore the most popular streaming service 2024, giving you the…
Weirdest Movie Scenes
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Be ready for the unexpected with this list of the weirdest movie scenes. These scenes alter our understanding of what…
Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Movie
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The first official trailer dropped in May 2024. Here's some of our bold predictions about the new Beetlejuice Beetlejuice movie…
Iconic Movie Songs
Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Many iconic movie songs composed or recorded for motion pictures have become hits, surpassing the success of their films.
Underrated Horror Movies
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Below, see our list of 7 underrated horror movies that are available to watch right now, complete with jump scares…
Stylish Female Movie Characters
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These stylish female movie characters have revolutionized fashion while enthralling viewers with their elegant looks and avant-garde choices.
Best Doctor Who Episodes
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While selecting the top ten best Doctor Who episodes is akin to dissecting the time vortex, some episodes from the…
Popular Movie Soundtracks
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Below, we dive straight into ten popular movie soundtracks that evoke memories and a sense of being unlike anything else.
Movies With The Weirdest Production Stories
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From epic delays to near-fatal tragedies, these are 12 movies with the weirdest production stories.
Best Netflix Shows 2024
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Continue reading for our most recent recommendations of the best Netflix shows 2024 so you can put an end to…