Peter Pan And Wendy Review Disney Live Action Phenomenal
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Did you know Disney Plus just released Peter Pan and Wendy, a live-action movie recreating the famous animated version from 1953? The buzz about this movie has been going for a long time, but interestingly, they decided to release it straight to Disney’s streaming platform and not in theaters. We’re providing our Peter Pan and Wendy review to give you an idea of what to look for in the film. We think you’ll be generally surprised by some of the choices made, but in a good way.  

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Peter Pan and Wendy premise

Peter Pan And Wendy Review: Disney Live-Action Done Right
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Like the original story we’ve all probably seen, this movie is about Peter Pan, a boy who does not want to grow up. He makes friends with Wendy and her brothers when flying through London. He takes them on an adventure to the enchanted island of Neverland. They end up catching the interest of an evil pirate named Captain Hook. Away from their homes and families, they must forge on in their dangerous journey to beat Hook. It was released on April 28th, 2023, and you can stream it on Disney+.

Disney is creating more of these live-action movies to maintain the copyright. They have to remake them every few decades. They also recreate them to keep modern audiences interested in the stories. As time passes, we see changes in the movies because they adapt with each decade. Many people enjoy seeing animated films in live-action form because they used to watch the originals and can then see it come to life with actors and actresses.

Who stars in the movie?

Ever Gabo Anderson plays Wendy in the movie who you might know from her role as young Natasha in Black Widow. Peter Pan and Wendy was her first movie in which she was a lead role and had more than just a few lines. Alexander Molony, who plays Peter Pan, has done many famous films that are all based in the UK.  This is the first U.S. film he is in, and we hope to see him in more films based in the U.S. 

Peter Pan and Wendy review: It’s phenomenal!

After watching Peter Pan and Wendy, we can honestly say we loved it. The 2023 movie makes a change by adding a more diverse and empowered ensemble to the movie, which we really appreciate. Plus, it’s filled with lots of action, sword fighting, and of course, the plank walk.

The movie lives up to the hype of the animation and we aren’t the only ones that think it. In this article by Deadline, they believe that Disney is paving a new way of casting live-action movies. It is clear that the casting was very intentional and the producers clearly only changed certain elements of the movie that they think are beneficial to the story.

Another article by Collider agrees that this was the right way to remake a Disney animation movie into live-action. Peter Pan has had its fair share of remakes over the years, but they have yet to stand out, unlike this one. They show us how they can stick to the original story while also bringing out a new identity that gives the audience a reason to care. Your kids will want to rewatch it repeatedly until they can reenact the movie themselves.

Is Peter Pan and Wendy the same as the original, or is there a difference?

Peter Pan And Wendy Review: Disney Live-Action Done Right
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The movie does stick to the original storyline based on how it is told. However, we see a few clear differences that benefit the film’s success. The film opens with Wendy and her brother’s sword fighting in their room, like in the animated version, and Peter Pan swoops in. The film gives off the right amount of adventure and action without being too scary for kids. This is often a question in live-action remakes. The fighting or scary scenes in animation is never quite as scary as live-action movies. However, we think Peter Pan and Wendy does this well because it demonstrates the adventure in both child-like and realistic ways.

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Final Thoughts 

As a result of this Peter Pan and Wendy review, we recommend taking the time to watch the Peter Pan and Wendy live-action movie. It is a great story that is well-executed and will keep the kids entertained throughout the film with nonstop adventure. It gives the animated version a more modern look and you can share this timeless tales with the next generation.