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Netflix is the one service that deserves your money in this era of streaming. As new services pop up like flowers in Spring, only one is risking its future to bring you award-winning-quality content, constantly.

Netflix has put itself in $12 billion of debt to re-shape the entertainment industry and break the hold pay TV once had over consumers. They see a future where we can stream a box office premiere at the same time as it’s in the theatre. It’s an exciting time to be a Netflix customer.

Forgetting debt, past cord-cutting triumphs and all future plans, the only thing consumers care about is content now. That’s what Netflix delivers.

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Content is king

There is no doubt Netflix is losing much of its licensed big intellectual property charm: Marvel, Star Wars, DC, WarnerBros, et al. All of it is gone or going. Some will wonder what’s left, but those are the people who have already checked out of the service because it releases too much content for them to properly look through.

According to Google’s Year in Search, Netflix had four out of the 10 most-searched shows, including Stranger Things, When They See Us, The Umbrella Academy, and Dead to Me. In Esquire, Netflix had 10 out of its top 30 shows, including BoJack Horseman, Mindhunter, Unbelievable, and Sex Education. This only accounts for some of their shows — and doesn’t touch on movies like The Two Popes or Marriage Story. There is so much original content that some may need a tool like Reelgood to handle it all.

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Yay! More “Friends”

For older folks like myself, Netflix will be lacking when it comes to nostalgia. Not being able to put Friends on in the background while surfing the web or chatting on social media will be strange. However, losing Friends and The Office only means I’ll need a different background track. It’s not like I’m still watching these shows wondering what happens next.

There is a comfort in putting on a movie or show that we know and enjoy, but does that outweigh new and exciting content? This is what Disney+ and others are hoping for. My theory is that people pay for new and exciting but fall back into comfort. This is what will keep Netflix relevant in the eyes of most consumers.

Consider this: in 12 months, when fragmented back catalogs are chewed through by consumers, whoever has the best new content wins.

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Spending to keep us happy

Netflix hasn’t stopped delivering massive amounts of content to its 151 million subscribers. Their commitment to us is unflinching. In 2019, Netflix spent $15 billion on new content — double what Apple and Amazon spent. It was six times more than what Disney+ spent, despite the corporation’s massive cash reserves. This one fact shows who is putting customers first rather than investors.

Their commitment to new content is unmatched, and yet some show no loyalty to Netflix in return. If content really is king, and you want a future where majors like Disney have to fight for your money, Netflix is the service that deserves your support.

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