Google Disney+ The Mandalorian
Credit: Flickr, Disney World Florida: Magic Kingdom - Matt Clare

Unless you’re Disney+, Google’s “Year in Search” Top 10 lists mean very little. A good example is Game of Thrones. It ranks No. 1 on the Top 10 TV shows list, but had 1.7 million people demanding a remake. If people only searched for what was popular, then The Mandalorian or Stranger Things would have topped the list.

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Another misdirect could be that Disney has six of the Top 10 searched movies. It means nothing. It could be people looking for images, Frozen 2 birthday cakes, or theatre times. As you can tell, most of Google’s “Year in Search” is irrelevant.

However, there is something to take away — and it all points to Disney+:

#3: Baby Yoda tops the most popular baby list

Baby Yoda More Popular Than Royal Baby
Red: Royal Baby searches. Blue: Baby Yoda searches

The Mandalorian‘s first episode released November 12th, and since that point, Baby Yoda has become 2019’s most searched-for baby. It might sound absolute nonsense, but consider this:

  • Google’s “Year in Search” is a reflection of 2019.
  • There was a royal baby born on May 6th, 2019.
  • The mother is an American actress who starred in a popular TV show called Suits.

A royal baby is big news in the media, but Baby Yoda topped it. This is certifiable proof that Disney+ and Baby Yoda is off the charts in popularity and well into the cultural psyche.

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#2: Disney+ is in the Top 10 “What is…” searches

With “What is Disney+” and “What is The Mandalorian” making the top 10 of “What is…” searches, we know two things:

  1. People are hearing or seeing something about Disney+ or The Mandalorian and are curious.
  2. These are people who don’t know what Disney+ or The Mandalorian is.

It’s mind-blowing but relevant. People aren’t just tapping links back to the service. They’re searching out of curiosity. This could mean physical ads, word-of-mouth, or topics on social media.

Furthermore, this data proves Disney+ is attracting people who aren’t streaming savvy. You would have to be living under a rock (or outside the streaming world) to be unaware of Disney+ or The Mandalorian. So, these searches show that Disney+ is reaching brand new streamers.

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#1: It’s the top of the search lists

These are the top 10 most popular searches in the United States during 2019:

  1. Disney+
  2. Cameron Boyce
  3. Nipsey Hussle
  4. Hurricane Dorian
  5. Antonio Brown
  6. Luke Perry
  7. Avengers: Endgame
  8. Game of Thrones
  9. iPhone 11
  10. Jussie Smollett

A search for Disney+ could be anything: news, lists, guides, technical issues et al. It could be positive or negative, but it shows one thing for certain: Disney+ is hot and relevant. The only question is, can this massive interest continue throughout 2020?