Reelgood Funding Will Make It Netflix And Co Biggest Enemy
Credit: Reelgood/Wikimedia Commons

If you’re reading this, you are on a digital journey where new technologies become refined by the tools we interface with. Convenience, simplicity, and speed — this is what we consumers want. The cost factor is an either-or situation; a consumer either has the money or doesn’t. A streaming service can’t change that, but what it can do is reduce the annoyance factor of sign-ups, multiple interfaces, etc. This is why Reelgood’s additional $6.75 million in funding will be a warning shot for the majors.

What is Reelgood?

Firstly, it’s free. Secondly, Reelgood connects 336 streaming services into one front-end interface. It is a hub for everything you’ve signed up for. It’s convenient, simple, and quick. Exactly what we consumers want.

There are other features, including:

  • IMDB review scores
  • User reviews/ability to leave a review
  • Notifications for upcoming episodes and movies
  • Recommendations based on personal data
  • And most importantly, a roulette feature that randomly picks something to watch.

It sounds amazing for consumers, but here’s the catch: it sells your data. So, what you watch, how much you watch, when you watch is all inventoried. It’s scary considering the hacks and data breaches that happen, but that’s part and parcel of living in the digital age, unfortunately. The difference here is that at least Reelgood are being honest about it.

A warning shot

Quality of life features like an IMDB review score will help keep a user in the Reelgood app. How often do you end up searching the web for review scores before watching something? By limiting this, Reelgood could become a major disrupting force in streaming.

A hub connecting all the information we need, linking directly to a show or movie makes individual streaming apps irrelevant. This would take a major like Netflix and make it nothing more than a streaming window. They would lose the power of recommendations, promotion, and branding. Worst still for the streaming service, all that private data which they never share becomes Reelgood’s to sell.

So by raising further funding, Reelgood can enhance its features and add more to it’s 10 million users. Yet, at the same time, Reelgood paints a big target on its back and becomes public enemy No. 1 for all streaming services.