Credit: Netflix

It’s not the size that matters, it’s what you do with it. That’s what Disney+ is hoping as reports drop that Netflix has 5,000 more titles available for subscribers to binge on — and Kevin Hart’s only in half of them.

The difference sounds massive, and so is the quality. You’ll be hard-pressed to find low-budget filler in Disney+’s 819 titles. At worst, you’ll be cringing along with Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo or Kurt Russell’s The Strongest Man in the World.

A bigger question is, how much of Netflix’s huge library is original content exclusive to the platform? The numbers are surprising.

Bonafide originals

Based on the Netflix originals listed on Wikipedia, we found a total of 907 shows and movies total. This doesn’t include the Marvel content Netflix made that got pulled or anything that’s not owned, or co-owned by the streaming giant.

Netflix didn’t start creating original content until House of Cards in 2013, which makes the amount astonishing. They’ve somehow surpassed Disney+ in originals, a studio that’s been making content since Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in 1937.

Obviously, there’s more back catalog and releases to hit Disney+, but Netflix isn’t slowing down. They are spending as if their survival depends on it.

Big spending on originals

Despite Netflix already having more originals than Disney+, the reality is you’ll never watch (or care about) most of them. This puts pressure on new originals grabbing your attention and keeping your subscription active.

Knowing the amount spent is the easiest method for you to see which streaming service is serious about exclusive content. This is what each service is spending.

  1. Netflix, $15 billion
  2. Amazon Prime Video, $6 billion
  3. Apple TV+, $6 billion
  4. HBO Max, $3.5 billion (launches May 2020)
  5. Hulu, $3 billion
  6. Disney+, $2.5 billion

It’s clear Netflix is serious about original content. They’re spending six times more than Disney+ on exclusive content, and if you want to see where some of that’s going, check out their 2020 movie originals here.