Credit: Flickr, CelebrityABC

Kevin Hart announced that he’s bringing a new six-part docuseries called Don’t F**k This Up to Netflix on December 27th. This is exactly what Netflix needed: more Kevin Hart. C’mon, any more and they can rebrand to The Kevin Hart channel.

Don’t get me wrong, Hart’s a funny dude, but it’s not like his movies, stand-up, and presumptuously, his docuseries differ. It’s always more of the same and that’s fine for three or four, maybe even five things. Alas, this docuseries would be exclusive No. 9.

Netflix must-see binging

People must be binging the snot out of Hart’s content. Why else would Netflix crank out so much of it?

  • Irresponsible
  • What Now
  • Seriously Funny
  • Let Me Explain
  • Laugh at My Pain
  • Death at a Funeral
  • About Last Night
  • Def Comedy Jam 25

Whatever they’re seeing in the data, the streaming giant can’t stop chowing down the comedian’s work. It’s just a relief they’ve finally swung some of that potless pit of cash to Eddie Murphy.

The worst thing is that this isn’t everything that stars Hart. We’ve got the non-Netflix bankrolled content too, movies like Jumanji, Ride Along, Central Intelligence, Get Hard…And sequels. You can’t swipe through content without seeing his face. It’s too much.

Kevin Hart fatigue

I like Kevin Hart as much as the next person — unless that next person is the one signing checks at Netflix. Perhaps this is why I’m sucking lemons at the idea of more Kevin Hart.

I watched Dolemite Is My Name, where Mr. Murphy is sensational. There’s no hint of Daddy Day Care or Axel Foley in his performance. Kevin Hart isn’t top billing, and according to Ranker, he’s not even in the top 10 of African American comedians. So, who the f*** is watching this stuff?

Please Netflix, how about giving more shows to your Grammy nominees rather than making my Hart fatigue become an epidemic? There is so much talent available that you can easily give K.H. a year or three off. Preferably three.