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Don’t be low-hanging fruit that hackers profit from — follow these simple steps and do more to keep your premium streaming services safe.

1. Always use different passwords

If you’re using the same password on two or more services, you’re making it easier to get hacked. That’s especially true if you’ve been using the same email and password for years.

The security on Amazon, Facebook, et al, is strong, but still hackable. Yet, think back to all those free trials, stores, and competition services you’ve signed up for using the same email and password combination. The security on smaller sites is often weaker and can be easy pickings for a hacker.

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Every location you use an important email and password increases your future chance of being hacked. It’s hard to have countless email addresses, but it’s pretty simple to have lots of passwords. Don’t end up with an account on the black market; change your password now.

Tips For Keeping Your Streaming Services Safe
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2. Never use links in emails to log in

Don’t get tricked by fake emails from official-looking sources. Remember to always check the sender’s email address before clicking any links. Normally, you can tell it’s unofficial by the ridiculous-looking sender’s email address. Make sure it’s or et al. If it’s not official-looking, mark it as junk and delete it.

If you accidentally click a link before checking the sender’s email address, don’t worry, just close the browser. Always try to remember: never ever follow a link asking you to log in from an email. It’s the same as if someone phones and asks you to “prove it’s you.” Hang up.

All of this is phishing for your information. Stay safe and only log in via official channels.

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3. Regularly check the devices using your account

After reading this, log in to your premium streaming services and look for the option to “Manage Devices.” This option is available on Amazon, Hulu, and most other services.

It’s used to limit the number of devices you have hooked up to a single account. However, you can use it to identify if there are any strange devices connected.

If you do see any devices that shouldn’t be connected, remove them immediately. You should then immediately change your password. If you’re using a service where you cannot manage devices, change your password address ASAP, and don’t risk your account being on the black market.

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There is no way to be 100% hacker-proof, but by following these tips, you can keep your streaming account safer and not an easy target. These steps are also valid for other streaming services like Spotify et al. Be safe online and stream happily.