Reality TV delivers over-the-top drama and personalities, some of which have become the most memorable TV personalities of all time.

However, depending on your streaming platforms, you are restricted to what reality shows you can watch. Therefore, we’ve picked out one of the top platforms that most people have to deliver a top-10 list.

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These are the best reality shows on Amazon Prime Video right now:

10. Stalker

Stalker is about the reconstructed behavior of dangerous and obsessed stalkers. It dives into their psychological profiles using police reports and testimony from victims and their families. If you like real-life situations unscripted on top of true crime, this is a show to check out. You can now watch season one, which is out on Amazon Prime. 

9. Cheaters 

Cheaters are people who think their significant others are cheating on them. They hire a hidden camera crew to investigate their suspicions and confirm if their partner is cheating. On Amazon Prime, you can watch seasons four, five, eight, nine, fourteen, and fifteen. 

8. Dance Moms  

Dance Moms follows children’s early steps to stardom as they dance their way through the competition. Follows the mothers and children for every rehearsal, performance, and drama scene through each episode. You can watch seasons one and two on Amazon Prime. 

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7. Kitchen Nightmares

Kitchen Nightmares is about Chef Gordon Ramsay getting invited by owners to spend a week with failing restaurants in an attempt to bring the restaurant back to life. The show will make you wonder if the next restaurant was just as bad as when the previous one started. You can watch seasons one through six on Amazon Prime. 

6.  Storage Wars: Northern Treasures 

One of the best reality shows on Amazon Prime Video is Storage Wars: Northern Treasures. A show about storage auctions in Canada where high buyers bid against one another to find storage that will make them the most money and earn back what they bid on the storage. You can watch season one of the shows with Amazon Prime. 

5. Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis 

Hollywood Houselift follows interior designer Jeff Lewis’s work on home remodeling projects for Hollywood celebrities. You will see all types of different remodeling projects that will give you ideas about your own home. You can watch season one of the shows for free on Amazon Prime.

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4. Hoarders 

Hoarders are compulsive hoarders addicted to filling their homes with all kinds of objects. You won’t believe people’s stuff in their homes because they can’t seem to part ways with these items. You will see how each hoarder is different from one another and why they hoard for different reasons. You can watch seasons six and seven with Amazon Prime. 

3. Cartel Crew 

Cartel Crew is about descendants of the Cartel life living in Miami as they work through adulthood and the effects the legacy has had on their upbringing. Catch the drama, fights, and tears watching Cartel Crew. It will have you wanting to binge the entire series. You can watch seasons one and two on Amazon Prime for free. 

2. Hell’s Kitchen 

One of the best reality shows on Amazon Prime Video is Hell’s Kitchen. A show about Chef Gordon Ramsay, who challenges all kinds of people interested in being his head chef at one of his famous restaurants.   You see 20 chefs fight to not be in the bottom two to be sent home in each episode and to live to see the finale. For free, you can see seasons one through twenty right now on Amazon Prime. 

1. Duck Dynasty 

Duck Dynasty shows the lives of the Robertson family, who became wealthy from their family business. Duck Commander is a duck call product for duck hunters. You can only watch seasons four, five, and six for free on Amazon Prime.