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Not all zombie movies are made equally, beyond craving brains, the undead can be hilarious. Listed below are the 20 best comedy zombie movies and where you can stream them:

20. Boy Eats Girl (Tubi) 

A boy tells his girlfriend he loves her, only to die that night. His mother brings him back to life as a flesh-craving zombie. The boy has an uncontrollable desire to eat his girlfriend. Boy Eats Girl might just be the perfect undead comedy to get you through a breakup.

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19. Warm Bodies (Prime Video and Hulu) 

Warm Bodies is about an unusual zombie who saves a living girl from being attacked. The two form a relationship that sets things in motion that might transform the lifeless world. 

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18. Life After Beth (HBO Max) 

Dan discovers his girlfriend Aubrey has returned from the dead. He is happy, but his joy turns to horror as she slowly undergoes a horrible transformation. He must figure out what to do with Life After Beth.  

17. Burying the Ex (Available to Rent or Buy) 

Burying the Ex is about a guy’s regret when he moves in with his girlfriend, and she ends up dying and then comes back as a zombie. She now thinks they can be together forever, while he thinks he needs to devise a plan to get rid of her. 

16. American Zombie (Tubi) 

American Zombie documents the daily lives of a community of zombies who make their home in Los Angeles. It keeps others who are alive and well up-to-date on what is happening with the deceased. 

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15.  Aaah! Zombies!! (Pluto TV and Tubi) 

Aaah Zombies is about four friends who accidentally become zombies and try to reverse the transformation. This is an oddball comedy, but it is a good watch if you like quirky.

14. Dance of the Dead (Tubi) 

On prom night, the unpopular teenagers come out on top, as the dateless save the day. Dance of the Dead is one of those stupidly funny movies where you wonder how the characters are still alive. 

13. The Coed and the Zombie Stoner (Tubi and Pluto TV) 

When a nerdy sorority girl falls in love with a zombie during a campus zombie apocalypse. However, she soon discovers the cure (you might guess it from the movie title). The Coed and the Zombie Stoner is a funny movie for the Dude Where’s My Car audience.

12. Doghouse (AMC Plus) 

Doghouse is about a group of men who go to their friend’s place, where he lives in a remote village, to help him through a divorce. They figure out that all women in the town have been infected with a virus turning them into man-hating zombies. This movie is a must-watch.

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11. Go Goa Gone (Eros Now)

Go Goa Gone is about a group of friends who get invited to an underground rave party planned by the Russian mafia on a remote island. However, they don’t expect to find out the island is crawling with zombies. 

10. Deadheads (Hoopla and Tubi)

Two coherent zombies awake during a zombie attack. They decide to take a road trip to find their lost loved ones and end up being chased by agents who have a different agenda of their own. Deadhead is a unique movie where there are already zombies, and no one is left living in the world.

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9. Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead (Fubo TV, Roky Channel, Peacock Premium)

Dead Snow 2 is about Martin, who is on the run from Nazi zombies. He doesn’t think anything can get much worse, yet it does. If you want a ridiculous zombie horror that’s gory and over the top, Dead Snow 1 & 2 is perfect.

8. Little Monsters (Hulu) 

Little Monsters is about a sudden outbreak of zombies at a school, and the teacher is trying to protect the young children from being eaten. It is a different take on a zombie movie and is hilarious at the same time.

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7. Dead Snow (Plex) 

Dead Snow is about a group of medical students taking a ski vacation, which turns horrific. They find themselves in an unimaginable fight against Nazi zombies. They thought they were in for a fun, relaxing weekend. They didn’t expect to have to fight World War II zombies. 

6. Goal of the Dead (Available to Rent or Buy)

Goal of the Dead is about a professional football team arriving at the stadium only to discover that the fans have turned into zombies. The fans aren’t the only ones who are undead. The opposing team is zombies, so instead of a game, it is a battle for survival. 

5. Zombieland: Double Tap (STARZ)

Zombieland: Double Tap is about zombie slayers Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock who leave the comfort of the White House and travel to Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. While traveling, they encounter other post-apocalyptic warriors and a group of survivors.

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4. The Return of the Living Dead (Kanopy) 

Two employees are at a medical supply warehouse when they accidentally release a deadly gas into the air. It causes the dead to rise again as zombies. The Return of the Living Dead has incredible special effects, even though it is an 80s movie. This is a must-watch movie.

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3. Fido (Roku Channel, Tubi, and Vudu) 

Fido is about the dust that comes from outer space that turns the dead into zombies. A teenage boy tries to handle this new world and finds a best friend that he can control with a collar. If you love dogs, this is the zombie comedy for you.

2. Zombieland (Available to Rent or Buy) 

A virus turns most people into zombies, but the rest go on lockdown in their homes to keep the undead from getting to them. Columbus, a shy student, is trying to get to his family in Ohio but ends up fighting many battles to get to them. In Zombieland, you are either one of the zombies or trying to survive, This is a must-watch movie for comedy zombie fans.

1.  Shaun of the Dead (Hulu) 

Shaun of the Dead is a classic, must-watch movie and easily the best comedy zombie movie ever made. Shaun is a 30-year-old who has a dull existence. However, when England takes an unexpected turn and zombies overrun it, Shaun rises to save the day (sort of).