Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus
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Horror movies have quickly become embedded into mainstream media, with settings as familiar as the dense woods with no one around to science fiction horror on a spaceship. You can watch several high ranking horror movies on Paramount Plus, just make sure you don’t watch these before you go to bed. Check out our list of the ten best horror movies on Paramount Plus, and others you can find on this streaming platform. 

Best Psychological Horror Movie on Paramount Plus

10. 10 Cloverfield Lane

With a limited cast and confined setting, 10 Cloverfield Lane still manages to keep their horror factor high. Michelle wakes up in an underground bunker with two men after she survives a car accident. As all three continue to live away from the ravaged surface Howard, the leader, starts to become more hostile. Michelle decides she needs to leave, even if it means going outside. 

Best New Horror Movie on Paramount Plus

9. Smile

10 Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus 2023

Whenever I saw this preview on the television I immediately looked away because of how creepy this movie is. Smile is about Dr. Rose Cotter who starts having strange occurrences happening to her after she has a traumatizing event with a patient. She must dig through her tumultuous past in order to fix her future. 

Notable Horror Movies on Paramount Plus

8. Scream

The classic Scream came out in 1996, and has managed to scare viewers for decades with the same sinister mask. In the original the masked psychopath is targeting middle school students in small-town suburbia. The best part about these movies though is that you never know who’s behind the mask until the bitter end of the film. 

7. The Stand

10 Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus 2023

Even though this is not a movie but a television miniseries, The Stand is still a great movie to watch based on the 1978 novel by Stephen King, the master of horror. In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by plague similar to World War Z, there are two sides battling against each other – good and evil. As unlikely characters get stuck together in order to survive, they all beware the same mysterious person: Randall Flagg, the Dark Man. 

6. A Quiet Place: Part Two

A thrilling sequel to the first movie, A Quiet Place: Part Two continues to focus on the Abbott family, but this time they must face the outside world as they venture away from home. Still in silence, they realize that the sound-hunting monsters are not the only things to be afraid of. 

5. The Ruins

10 Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus 2023

In this horror film, four friends look for a great way to spend their vacation in Mexico. They visit an archaeological site in the jungle and receive a disastrous welcome as carnivorous vines try to ensnare them, forcing them to fight for their survival. If you enjoy horror films that have historical aspects to them, this movie is for you. 

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4. Men

This title may seem a little vague at first, but there is no denying that this movie is seriously terrifying. In the wake of a tragedy, Harper decides to move to the countryside to be alone and away from her past memories. But the uncannily similar men that populate the town grows into a nightmare as Harper’s arrival has awakened something in the forest. 

3. Significant Other

10 Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus 2023

You may be grabbing your own significant other after watching this film. A young couple is backpacking through the Pacific Northwest, and everything seems to be going well. But there’s something lurking in the trees, and the couple realizes that they can’t trust anyone, not even each other. 

2. Mother!

Starring Jennifer Lawrence as a young woman who’s renovating the Victorian Mansion she lives in with her husband, this movie quickly takes a dark and twisted turn. A stranger knocks on the door one night and becomes a guest, along with his wife and two children. As the woman’s fear heightens, she notices that her husband is being friendly to everyone but her. 

Best Scary Movie on Paramount Plus: A Quiet Place

1. A Quiet Place

10 Best Horror Movies On Paramount Plus 2023

Winning awards such as the Critics’ Choice Movie Award for Best Sci-fi/Horror Film, Bandung Film Festival for Imported Film, and Satellite Award for Best Sound, it’s no wonder A Quiet Place has earned its spot as the best scary movie on Paramount Plus. 

In the movie set in a post-apocalyptic world, you must not make a sound or dangerous creatures will hunt you down and kill you. Following a family as they try to fight back and protect their children, you will also be holding your breath waiting for the smallest bit of sound. 

FAQ about Horror Movies on Paramount Plus

Is Yellowjackets on Paramount Plus?

Yellowjackets is on Paramount Plus through Showtime. It comprises two seasons as of right now, with a total of nineteen episodes to watch. With the first episode being premiered in 2021, this Emmy Award Nominee show is sure to frighten you in the best way possible. 

The show follows a girl’s soccer team that must survive a plane crash in the wild with only each other. Twenty five years later, what began in the wild is not over, and the now-women must battle against new demons. 

Is Orphan: First Kill on Paramount Plus?

You can find Orphan: First Kill on Paramount Plus, though not its previous movie Orphan. The prequel to the original movie, Orphan: First Kill stars Esther who escapes an Estonian psychiatric facility to travel to America, impersonating the missing daughter from a wealthy family. But, she runs into problems when she encounters a mother who will protect her family from the murderous orphan at any cost. 

Is World War Z on Paramount Plus?

Enjoy World War Z on Paramount Plus if you’re looking for a horror film centered around disease. A deadly disease has sprouted, and it only takes one bite for victims to get infected and turn into mindless creatures hell-bent on infecting more people. 

Starring Brad Pitt as a retired UN investigator that gets tasked with finding a cure alongside a virologist, this movie is sure to make your skin crawl. 

Which Scream movies are on Paramount Plus?

You can enjoy five of the Scream movies with a Paramount Plus subscription. There is Scream (1996), Scream 2 (1997), Scream 3 (2000), Scream (2022), and Scream VI (2023). 

Horror movies are not for the faint of heart. That being said, they do hold a lot of love in the movie industry and several people enjoy watching the blood and screams elicited from the actors as they portray terrified characters. Enjoy our list of the ten best horror movies on Paramount Plus, and discover more through their streaming service. 

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