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EPISODE 9: Today on the show TC and SNIPdaily’s Senior Streaming Analyst Duane give their BINGE KILL CHILL verdicts on the two new shows on HBO. Including The Plot Against America and Westworld Season 3.

The guys also preview what looks to be an underwhelming week of new content on Netflix and Hulu. Picking out the best of the bunch.

  • Little Fires Everywhere, Hulu, Episode 1 is March 18th.
  • The Letter For The King, Netflix, all episodes available March 20th.

In the show, TC calls The Letter For The King, Lord of the Rings for kids and Duane singles out Little Fires Everywhere as a potential political agenda bore. Will they be right? Find out Friday on the show.

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Finally, the guys talk about some of the best streaming docu-series including The Pharmacist and Don’t F*** With Cats (both on Netflix), and Too Funny To Fail: The Life & Death of The Dana Carvey Show, which is on Hulu.

The BINGE KILL CHILL today is one we can all agree on and is the Coronavirus. We’re confident we all want this virus killed.

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Verdicts on HBO's new TV shows and the best docu-series on now 3

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