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EPISODE 8: Today on the show TC and SNIPdaily’s Senior Streaming Analyst Duane give a verdict on Netflix’s Lost Girls. Will it be a BINGE, KILL, or a CHILL?

Amazon Prime Video’s limited series The Pale Horse, an adaption of the Agatha Christie classic is also reviewed. Here’s a sneak peek – it’s better than Lost Girls on Netflix.

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The guys also preview Westworld Season 3, as well as the seemingly very predictable cliche of a limited series on HBO called The Plot Against America. David Simon (The Wire), we hope you’re better than the simpleton nature of the trailer you’ve put forth when it comes to the series. Check out that trailer below.

Finally, the guys ponder why there is a lack of great modern horror movies, When A Stranger Calls, Society, and Halloween are picked out as true classics. What modern horror movies do you rate highly?

Finally, the BINGE KILL CHILL today is Jason Vorhees vs Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers.

Binge Kill Chill definitions

Modern horror movies, "Lost Girls" and "The Pale Horse" 3

What would you give the Kill rating to? Jason Vorhees vs Freddy Krueger vs Michael Myers? Let us know on the social media links below.

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