Credit: Flipped on Quibi

Despite Quibi pulling its red carpet party, the 10-minute streaming platform will still launch on April 6th, 2020. From day one it will have 51 shows available and if you preorder now, you’ll get a 90-day free trial. That could save you up to $24.

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We at SNIPdaily are intrigued by Quibi and these are the 10 shows we want to binge on at launch.

#10. Survive

Jane, played by Sophie Turner (Game of Thrones), is suicidal and wants to end it all. So when her plane crashes on the flight home to New Jersey, it isn’t without irony that she survives. Survive is based on a novel so it’ll be interesting to see how that translates to a 10-minute series.


#9. Gone Mental with Lior

World-renown mentalist Lior Suchard teams up with different celebrities to read their minds. Celebs include Zooey Deschanel, Kate Hudson, Ben Stiller, James Corden, and Rob Gronkowski. Expect to have your minds blown.

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#8. Dismantled

From the same minds that did Chopped, Dismantled is cooking put into fifth gear. Episodes begin with two blindfolded chefs having dishes cannon-blasted into their faces. From this, they must identify and recreate against the clock. It sounds insane but should be hilarious as chefs chase the cash prize.

#7. Speedrun by Polygon

A nerd show is exactly what we need and Polygon’s Speedrun might just be a daily binge. We want to see deep dives, expert analysis, and recommendations without pushing political agenda, like on their website.

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What Quibi looks like on your smartphone / Credit: Quibi

#6. Run This City

A docu-series that follows the youngest elected mayor of Fall River, Jasiel Correia II. The series includes his battle against the FBI over issues with his former company. Having loved docu-series on Netflix lately, Run This City could tick the same boxes.

#5. Most Dangerous Game

Chris Hemsworth is a man with a terminal illness desperate to provide for his pregnant wife. Christoph Waltz offers him a chance to win big in a deadly game where there can be only one winner. Check out the trailer below to see why we’re intrigued.


#4. Fresh Daily by Rotten Tomatoes

One of the biggest movie review sites launches its own show on Quibi. They’ll cover the best on television, streaming, and film. Hopefully, they’ll take direction from audience reviews and not their critics, for obvious reasons.

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#3. Elba v Block

Actor Idris Elba (Luther) is taking on legendary rally driver Ken Block in a host of car-based stunts. Check out the trailer below to see why we can’t wait to binge this show.


#2. Murder House Flip

From the executive producer of CSI, Murder House Flip is a renovation show with a difference. Home-owners attempt to delete the macabre history from their homes with the help of design experts. The tagline is from morbid to marvelous, consider us intrigued.

#1. Flipped

Jann (Will Forte) and Cricket (Kaitlin Olson) set out to become TV’s next renovation sensations. They just don’t quite have the budget, yet. In a bizarre twist, the house they’re renovating has Ozark style money in the walls, making their renovation dreams come true. The only issue is that the money belongs to a Mexican drug cartel and they want payback — payback via renovation.

What Quibi shows from our top 10 will you be binging? Let us know on social media, the links are below.