The Last Thing He Told Me Coming To Apple Tv+
Credit - Apple TV+

The Last Thing He Told Me will soon be on Apple TV+. There is so much to look forward to when it comes to a new show being released. There is so much to know about the show before it comes out, and we are here to inform you of it all.

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The show is a limited series starring Jennifer Garner. You might remember her from popular movies like 13 going on 30, Elektra, Yes Day, and Peppermint. If you enjoy her work, you will enjoy this new series coming to Apple TV+.  Nikolaj Coster-Waldau is staring at Owen the disappearing husband. You might remember him from films like The Other Women or Gods of Egypt. Staring as Bailey is Angourie Rice from The Nice Guys, Every Day. She has even had a small part in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Reese Witherspoon is also producing the show. You might know her from Legally Blonde or The Morning Show. 

The series is based on the bestselling novel about a woman named Hannah who has to forge a relationship with her 16-year-old stepdaughter Bailey. Bailey tragically lost her mother as a child and wants nothing to do with her new stepmother. She wants to find out the truth about why her husband has abruptly mysteriously disappeared. Before he disappears, he is able to smuggle a note to her that states, “Protect her.” The FBI arrest Owen’s boss as a suspect, and Hannah realizes that her husband isn’t who he said he was. His daughter might hold the key to figuring out who Owen’s true identity is and why he disappeared out of nowhere. The show consists of drama and suspense that will keep you on your toes throughout the season. The series has seven episodes that give you a gripping, fast-paced plot. 

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If you are a book reader and want to see if the show will follow the book, we suggest you read the book beforehand and see if they line up. Plenty of books are becoming shows and movies because of how well they are written. The book has over a hundred thousand reviews on amazon that rate the book four out of five stars. Laura Dave, the author, has sold over two million copies and was a winner of the Goodreads choice award for mystery and thriller. Some people say that books are always better compared to shows or movies. Given that the book is a bestseller, we can only hope the show will be as good and number on Apple TV+. 

You can expect this show to be aired on April 142023. All the episodes will be aired that day, so there won’t be any need to wait each week for each episode to come out. You could binge the whole series that day if you got seven hours of free time. When it comes to a new show, we never really get to soak it in and enjoy the suspense, which is why we choose to binge it all in one sitting. If you really want to enjoy the show, watch it over a few days. That way, you can let the suspense really simmer. 

This show is highly awaited by tons of people who not only read the book and people who didn’t. Everyone looks forward to new shows being released, especially people who have watched all the shows they usually watch, are all caught up, and need a new show to add to their favorite series list.