Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Confirmed To Release In 2024 On Netflix
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The Vikings: Valhalla season 3 has been confirmed and is coming in the year 2024 on Netflix. We don’t know much about the season other than that the fans have spoken and are thrilled to see more epic adventure and heart-pounding action. We will take the time to recap season 2 and what direction it might lead to season 3. 

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The story begins by sending the characters off on different quests. Emma of Normandy discovers a traitor in London when someone tries to poison her. You see her trying to figure out whom she can trust and who is trying to harm her. Later in the show, you find that it was the half-brother of Aelfwynn, her handmaid, who is to be wed to Earl Godwin. She is suspicious of their relationship and resorts to torturing Aelfwynn and kills her. Before dying, Aelfwynn gives up a person known as “The Bear,” so she goes hunting down the man, identified as John Fletcher. Before killing him, she takes something to give to Gytha after marrying Godwin. Now that Aelfwynn is dead, she is next to marry Godwin. It is a ring Emma tells her never to take off, but Godwin is a little on edge when it is shown when the two consummate their union. 

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Confirmed
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Freydis, on the other hand, is given a prophetic sign from the Seer, which brings her into the presence of Jomsvikings and Jomsborg; when she gets there, though, she soon finds that the place is holding more than a few secrets. She is given the high honor of priestess and is recognized by a mythical Keeper of Faith. She births a son only to be taken away from her by Harekr. He tries to stage her death during childbirth to control the child’s fate and increase power among the Jomsborg people. Freydis is proven alive and exposes Harekr for his scheming and traitorous ways to Jomsvikings. He ends up being stoned to death by angry Vikings. 

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Season 2 tries your patience more than once. The series spends so much time building up characters and drama for things that are going to happen that you already know about. For example, with Freydis in Jomsborg, we know something isn’t quite right about the place. It ends up taking over half the season before that emerges. 

Same with Harald and Leif’s quest when it is all well and good, but then their quest ends right as the season does. We get no movement on their overarching story to regain control of Norway. This is before mentioning their odd choice in adding a love interest for both. It feels like a pointless endeavor between the two characters when the finale ends. 

Vikings: Valhalla Season 3 Confirmed
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At the end of season two, some questions are left unresolved. What does the ring symbolize? Was Aelfwynn death all part of Earl Godwin’s plan? Does Emma know what the ring means? We can all hope that these questions get answered in season 3 and that we aren’t left in the dark. We still have a long way to go before we can answer since season 3 isn’t scheduled to be released till 2024. 

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The show wouldn’t have gotten renewed for season 3 if the fans weren’t so invested in the show, even with the great production, costumes, and musical score. Vikings: Valhalla is slipping up when it comes to writing. The second season is a long quest, and you will want to return to the original main mission.  We can only hope that season 3 will pick up answering the questions we want and return to the main mission set out, to begin with.