Everything To Know About The Bear Season 3.
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Since we last reflected on The Bear‘s popularity and artistic yet chaotic portrayal of the fine dining world, the Hulu TV series has been shooting a new season. The third season will premiere June 27th, 2024, and is guaranteed to pop back up on our screens after the immense popularity of the first two seasons. Before streaming, here is everything to know about The Bear Season 3. 

Summary of The Bear 

An Image From Season 3 Trailer Of The Bear.
Credit: FX Productions

The series follows a young chef, Carmen (Carmy) Berzatto, who has returned from the fine dining world to Chicago to run his family’s sandwich shop after a death in his family. After leaving the world he is used to, Carmy must balance the reality of his new life while dealing with strained familial relationships and grappling with the death of his brother. 

The first two seasons of The Bear have earned the series many accolades. Season two’s premiere was the highest-rated debut in Hulu history. The series has also earned many awards such as Emmys, Golden Globes, and Critic Choice Awards. After much success through the first two seasons, the third season is highly anticipated by fans around the world. 

Recap of Seasons 1 and 2

Jeremy Allen White Cooking In The Upcoming Thirs Season Of The Bear.
Credit: FX Productions

Before discussing what is to come in season three of The Bear, let’s recap where we left off after the last two seasons. 

After a first season full of grief, complex relationships and financial hardship, Carmy announces he will close The Beef with the intention of opening a new restaurant, The Bear. 

The second season then follows the development of the new restaurant and the many hurdles and roadblocks that are involved in opening a restaurant. This season also continues to depict the many kinds of complex and nuanced relationships that feel very real. 

Season two ends with the opening of the new restaurant, The Bear, on family and friends night. The episode begins with relative calm but as the night goes on, chaos continues to emerge both regarding The Bear and the characters’ personal lives. The episode ends after Carmy receives a call from Claire, confessing her love for him, causing him to realize that he can not dedicate his entire life to the restaurant, in turn neglecting the people he loves. 

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Season 3 Trailer 

Jeremy Allen White As Carmy In The Season 3 Trailer Of The Bear.
Credit: FX Productions

Season 3’s trailer promises an intense and dramatic continuation of the chaos and hardships of running a restaurant that has been prevalent throughout the first two seasons, along with the personal struggles depicted that are known to define the series. 

The new season will center around Carmy as he aims to elevate The Bear, striving for a Michelin star. Carmy’s goals and high expectations create heightened tensions within his team. 

The trailer suggests that the third season of The Bear will dive deeper into the characters’ personal lives and conflicts along with the increasingly high stakes of the fine dining world.


Ayo Edebri As Sydney In The Season 3 Trailer Of The Bear.
Credit: FX Productions

For season 3, many main cast members are returning such as Jeremy Allen White, Ayo Edebiri, Ebon Moss-Bachrach, Abby Elliot, Lionel Boyce, Liza Colón-Zayas, Matty Matheson, Edwin Lee Gibson, and Molly Gordon. It is also confirmed that Jon Bernthal, who plays Carmy’s deceased brother, will make a flashback appearance. 

Fans are particularly excited for the return of Jeremy Allen White who plays Carmy. As the leading character of the series, White holds the bar high, executing a challenging character to the highest standards. White’s portrayal of Carmy is raw, heartfelt and nuanced, evoking much emotion from viewers. 

Viewers are also quite excited for the return of Ayo Edebiri who plays Carmy’s sous chef, Sydney. Edebiri’s portrayal of Sydney is smart, witty and ambitious, earning her first nomination for an Emmy as best supporting actress. Fans of The Bear are intrigued to see what Edebiri brings next to the series. 

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Final Thoughts 

The Bear was very quickly renewed for a season 3 by Hulu and FX after the first two seasons received resounding success and appraisal from fans and critics alike. 

Though the bar is high, the first two seasons have set the stage for the third season to really delve into the complexities, tensions and hurdles surrounding running a restaurant along with intense relationships and complex representations of emotional matters. Fans can expect more of what they have loved from the past two seasons; the combination and blend of conflict and tension with heart and tenderness.