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Apple TV+ has already tied up originals to second seasons. If launch day shows like See, Dickinson, and For All Mankind were getting renewed now it would make sense. Apple would have had time to see the numbers. However, these renewals were snapped up days after their premieres. What’s even more surprising is Servant is the latest show to get a second season and that’s not even out yet.

Deadline reports it’s Apple’s strategy to renew for second seasons, or to tie a series down for two seasons immediately. This is what they did for The Morning Show. What this means is, everything Apple TV+ does will get two seasons. Even Snoopy in Space. It’s an interesting strategy, considering the mixed critical and audience opinions these originals have received.

Audience reviews

According to critics, Apple’s originals aren’t good. Some reviews have been outright damning, leaving the shows meta-review scores in the gutter. Ironically, for as bad as the critic reviews have been, the audience reviews have been the opposite. Rotten Tomatoes shows this perfectly.

Considering the difference between critics and audience review scores, are we likely to see a softening in ratings for Servant?

Perhaps critics will give more time for a show to flourish than what they did with See and The Morning Show in particular. We’ll find this out when Servant premieres Thanksgiving.

What is “Servant”?

Apple TV+’s Servant is about a married couple who loses their infant child. To help get over the tragedy, the couple adopts a realistic replica with whom the mother becomes attached. She even hires a nanny to look after the doll, who turns out to be as strange as the replica.

Executive producer M. Night Shyamalan said at Comic-Con:

“I have a sense of the story, we know where it’s going to go. In my head, it’s 60 episodes, and that’s where we’re going to get… So for example that would be 30 episodes of Game Of Thrones, so that would be three seasons or less of Game Of Thrones, but over six years and done.”

Den of Geek

With the way Apple is giving out renewals, it wouldn’t be surprising for Servant to get all those episodes confirmed before the end of the first season.

You can watch the first episodes of Apple TV+’s Servant, or any of the other shows for free if you have an Apple device. Check out its official trailer below.